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AoD Official AAR/Walkthrough #2!!!

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No maps this turn; although there was some movement and combat near Gibraltar, there are things going on in the combat areas that I need to keep under wraps.

I can say that the coastal gun unit is potent and can cause some damage (1 step off of a Spanish corps).

Regrettably I was only one turn away from a garrison moving into Jerusalem, but nevertheless, I only needed a short tweak from the defibrillator my wife keeps handy for Marc's surprises :)

I'm happy that my reinforcements are starting to show up in the Middle East, and am not too worried about Egypt. There are two decent generals there (plus the guy in the Sudan who can stay there as far as I'm concerned). And even with the Spanish in, I now have naval superiority in the Mediterranean and expect that my air power will soon be equal or superior (in terms of fighters at least).

British bombers attacked Dortmund and I think caused some losses to the German economy. Only the beginning...

China is going to be a tough fight, and I think there is some risk of losing the capital, but it will now depend upon weather, and how quickly my new Chinese units get into the fray. The biggest problem continues to be the disparity in land warfare technology.

Back to the Axis side, now.

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A good example is India. The country is so big you need a lot of units to garrison it properly. Even if you send the RN and prepare Singapore as per the Decisions, Japan enjoys such a huge naval superiority there is no problem sweeping the entire indian coast and commit a good invasion party to indian ports in the back of Burma defensers. All the RN units can be sunk easily as they appear in their scripted port assignment. Unless you strip Africa from units, India is in trouble as early as Spring 42.

Peripherical operations like Madagascar, although easy target and long-term profitable, cost time and 1940-41 British overall defence set up really runs out of time.

Of course, Abukede agenda can be much different but the Pacific front will not see any credible allied threat before june42. So, he has plenty of time to crush India and conquer most Minor country around by then.

I wonder what kind of counter-measures, the Allies would be able to throw in the path of an early japanese advance. From my experience, you can only retreat quickly or loose most of your troops.

Claude---interesting points that you raise.

In our previous games, Marc has only once tried taking India. The reason it is hard to do is for the same reason that you cite when worrying about defending it----it's just too bloody big! :)

Also, if this game is (as I suspect it is) set up like previous ones such as Global Conflict, then when the Japanese land in India, a number of British and Indian units are released for use in its defense.

If Marc decides to go for India in this game, it would mean a much diluted effort in the Pacific, which I would welcome. Note that American war readiness is rising again, thanks to the Spanish joining the Axis and thanks also to my removal of the unit which I had deployed to Hawaii.

You also mentioned the Axis player using "insight" to make "unfair moves". To me the whole point of these games is to see if we can do better than the historical record for whichever side we are playing. There's no way that we can erase the knowledge we have about WW2 from our heads, so of course there will be a lot of hindsight involved in planning. But I think the game contains sufficient safeguards to prevent anything that is truly ahistorical from skewing the results (as witness, for example, my ill-advised move of a unit to Hawaii. Early in the game, a dialogue warned me not to send units out of the Pan-American zone. I ignored it, and it cost me a big drop in American war readiness).

Thanks for your comments and thanks for following the AAR. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we are enjoying the game and the process of producing the reports.

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No pictures this turn. Definitely next turn.

Winter arrived in Asia slowing things down a bit. I did manage to destroy a Chinese corps that was entrenched just east of Changsha and damage another. Japan’s forces in the area, after a complete season of heavy fighting are experienced and upgraded. They are also in great shape… so I expect great things once the weather turns fair. Currently Japan is repositioning additional assets to prepare for the coming war in the Pacific. I think I am ahead of the curve preparation wise… though I have cut some corners that I hope will not come back to bite me. I am also taking a big gamble in one area. I am going to try to push the Japanese to the limit.

In Europe… the Spanish began their assault on Gibraltar, reducing the fortifications but doing no damage. I expect the Gibraltar fortress to hold out for a couple of turns. In North Africa German forces, including armor pushed up against the fortress of Tobruk. I expect heavy action there next turn. The Germans have invested a lot in Africa. The Italians also have a sizable contingent in North Africa and the Middle East. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

Also the war for the Atlantic has heated up over the past few turns, with Jim once again taking heavy convoy losses once again.

Barbarossa preparation continues nicely. I have spent the last few turns upgrading and bringing the German army up to full strength instead of buying new units. I typically spend all of my money from January to May doing this so that the army is fully prepared. Only after do I begin purchasing new units. With the reduced income, I am facing due to Spain coming aboard, it is especially important that I spend my money wisely… and properly preparation for war with Russia is critical.

I did notice that Russian war readiness spiked last turn… to 68 so most of the Germany army pushed to the border this turn. Not sure what I did wrong to get this spike, however if it continues to rise rapidly. I may find myself invading Russia in April or May.

Back to Jim

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Marc noticed that the Russians are getting annoyed---between the loss of Spain (all those potential communists, now more fascist than ever---most disappointing to Stalin), the German presence on our border, the new pact with Japan and the rather annoying tendency of the Reich to invade their neighbours, can you blame them? ;)

No action anywhere this turn. I don't like the Axis buildup in Libya, so pulled back from Tobruk a bit, leaving a rearguard however. The Royal Navy continues to grow and the Admiralty feels confident that they can deal with threats in the North Atlantic now, as well as in the Mediterranean. The Aussiie's and Kiwi's will have to look after the rest LOL. Actually, once we dispose of the Italian fleet, there is still time to guard the Indian Ocean. The Italians may have upgraded battleships, but I sense a distinct shortage of aircraft carriers on their part!



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There was some significant action this turn and it is building. Shortly the war in the East will open… followed by the war in the Pacific. I can’t wait!


The assault on Gibraltar continued this turn with the fortification levels dropping to 0 before I was able to begin damaging the defenders. It is expensive but must happen. I am prepared to take significant losses to take Gibralter… which will likely fall within the next 2 turns. I need Gibralter to hinder allied supply in the Med. That will make it much easier to assault Egypt.


I hammered away at Tobruk this turn, methodically reducing the defenders followed with the Italians storming the fortress and retaking it! Oddly… Jim had a nearly fully entrenched army at entrenchment level (well would have been) 7 by the time I attacked. Jim swapped out that defender for a corps, which contributed to the fortress falling more rapidly and with fewer Axis losses. Great!

Now I am not complaining, but I expected to take significant losses in storming the fortress. My supply situation was being hampered by Malta. You can also see from the picture the defending corps was not even upgraded, while the previous defender had been upgraded. I think Jim wanted to save his army for action later… but a corps is still costly. I think I would have sacrificed the army and caused the Germans additional losses/slowed them down.


Interestingly… when I bombed Tobruk, a UK carrier intercepted my bombers just off the coast of Crete and well… I used a German fighter to recon next to the carrier and surprise surprise!!!! I found a UK transport… in the middle of the Med escorted by 2 DDs along with the carrier!!! There is no reason for a UK transport to be in the middle of the Med, especially in that position, with Fleet support unless they are sailing for Italy main. Well the Italian navy was nearby and I decided to roll the dice with the sinking of the transport as my immediate goal. The UK has to send additional ground units all the way from England… and India to reinforce the Middle East and with Gibraltar shortly to be in my hands… it is a long way to go! Fewer ground units available for Egyptian defense increases the chances of me being able to take Egypt. (Yes the Italian navy raised anchor and entered the med several turns ago after the fall of France and they were positioned close to the action.) I struck the transport and to my surprise discovered that it was the W.E.D. Army!!! I sent in the entire Italian fleet, managed to bump into a BB and do it some damage, sink a DD and also the transport. This turn the UK lost both an Army, Corps and DD. More importantly… I am wondering why this army is not in North Africa preparing to receive the German advance! I am also wondering what else Jim has to smack the Italian fleet with. I took a real risk by sailing them into action early… I had planned to use them after Gibraltar fell. So it could turn out to be a military catastrophe but at least I nailed another UK army.


In Asia the Japanese offensive continued. Jim got frisky and conducted a number of attacks hurting a Japanese special forces unit but also taking casualties himself. The Japanese were able to maul a number of Chinese units this turn… 2 in the south and another that retreated in Central China. I am slowly bleeding the Chinese. I expect in the coming turns to ramp up action in China.

Back to Jim

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Things really began moving this turn.

I will start with Gibraltar.


Jim showed up with a fleet to bombard my force assaulting Gibraltar. You can see part of it in the picture above. He even brought in a carrier. He was able to do limited damage but not able to save the fortress, which is now safely in Spanish hands. As expected the assault on Gibraltar was very expensive but should pay richer dividends. Jim’s main route to the Med is now closed and his forces defending Egypt will shortly suffer supply shortages.

In the Med, the UK navy retreated, instead of engaging my BB’s which were under German fighter cover. Had Jim attacked… his carriers (or should I say carrier) would have taken lots of air wing damage. Had he had a more potent naval force the med… I think he would have attacked and stayed in the fight. The Italian navy is still a very potent force (5 surface combatants) and a threat… especially with the gateway to the Med closed to the UK.

In North Africa, I decided against pushing forward this turn. Instead I decided to strengthen my units up and actually made the decision to change up my strategy slightly. This was a tough decision as I am on a very specific time table. Egypt is still my goal… however, I am just going to go about it taking it little differently.


Russia was at 80% readiness this turn and I decided to jump early… a May invasion.

The ground was still mud so this means a limited attack and limited damage to the Russians. It also means the Russians get to keep their ‘locked’ units… however I could not take the risk Russia would enter the war before I started it… so I rolled the dice. Germany and her allies have a large numerical superiority to the Russian units… so I am gambling that it will turn out okay for me. I also believe I have the tech edge, which when combined with numbers should push things in my direction.

Invasion wise, there was not much to write home about. Jim garrisoned much of the frontier with garrison units and a couple of divisions. In this picture I am assaulting Riga, where I was able to successfully maul the defending division but not take the city. That will happen next turn.


In this picture you can see me destroying the defending Russian division and pushing a large armor force into Southern Russia from Hungry.

Overall, I am somewhat pleased with my first turn of push into Russia. I wish the ground had been better but that will come. The question is… where are all of Jim’s units?


In China my offensive continues. You can see I pushed forward to Jim’s defensive line. I was able to maul the engineering unit. In the bottom left you can just make out Chungking. I am getting close!


I was able to destroy another corps next to Changsha and maul an army next to the engineering unit pretty badly. Likely next turn my two Japanese forces will meet up or come close to it. Once I take the city in the center of Jim’s line, I should unhinge his supply, opening the road the Chungking and a nice boost to Japanese income.

Overall… I am still very pleased. Germany finished paying Franco 200 a turn, raising her income to 471 this turn. German U-Boats are ravaging Jim’s supply lines… I think causing losses totally 35 this turn. Japan is preparing for her Pacific adventure. It is only May and she has some time. US readiness is only at 29%. So I really have some time if I opt for it.

Back to Jim.

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Russia is still reeling from the dastardly German surprise invasion. Stalin has ordered that there shall be no retreats and no quarter given to the enemy. The USSR has a few surprises in store for the German invader, not the least of which is our glorious T-34 tanks, which are even now being added to our front line units.

Meanwhile the British are still weeping at the loss of Gibraltar. One small consolation is that operations against the Italians in Jerusalem have now commenced. Royal Navy units are blockading the ports in Lebanon to ensure that there will be no escape for the Italian armour, and no relief from outside.

The only news from China is that the engineer unit that took casualties last turn at last finished its fortifications.

No maps this turn, for reasons of security.

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The ground turned good and Germany pushed forward aggressively into Russia.


This is the beginning of the assault on Riga. Germany forces quickly crushed the defender and then pushed north.


German forces rapidly closed in on Kiev and destroyed the defender in rapid order. I elected not to occupy Kiev and give Jim an opportunity to get a prepared assault bonus. Note the 2 light tanks and 1 heavy armor that is not upgraded. South of this position powerful German advance forces discovered an upgraded Russian armor… No other pictures as I wish to protect operational security, however I think the Germans are off to a good start. Will Jim counter-attack and put his armor at risk or fall back? That is the question. He has to consider the number of German forces to his… can he afford heavy losses this early? I don’t know.


In central China, I was able to destroy an Chinese army and maul another. Jim attacked me last turn there weakening his forces and paving the way for powerful counter-attacks. Resistance around Sian seems to be crumbling. The reality was that had Jim just held his position there I would have sat tight while action further to the south resolved itself… but he opened up an opportunity to seize Sian and I am going to go for it. Never pass up an opportunity if you can help it.


In Southern China Jim again attacked superior Japanese forces. I decided to take advantage of this… hammering him hard.


Utilizing arty and ground assault, I was able to take Ichang, effectively unhinging his supply for his defensive line, which will make those units much weaker. I expect Jim to counter attack with everything he has, which will cause him even more casualties and speed up the fall of Chungking. It is only a matter of time now… the Chinese are simply running out of units in Southern China.

Finland joined this turn!

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Never one to disappoint a friend, I have made Marc's prophecy come true---in southern China, I have attacked with everything I have (except for three brand new armies that arrived this turn).

But first a summary of the previous turn's effect upon the Allies:



As can be seen, China has lost two armies but manpower is China' strong suit. If only they had modern weapons!

The Soviets lost a number of units during the initial stages of the Axis invasion, but they were not my best units. As Marc noted, the Russians have begun replacing their heavy armoured formations with better tanks. In similar fashion, the infantry is also upgrading again---most of my units were at "1" and now some are moving to "2". My investment in tech paid off.

There was one battle in Russia, and it occurred near Kiev:


There was also a flurry of activity in the eastern Med this turn, with the sky full of RN aircraft. As Marc now knows, there was more than just one carrier in that theater, and this turn they supported ground operations against Jerusalem's occupiers:


And now, to China:


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Lots of action this turn!


I thought this was an interesting shot. You can see the effect my U-Boats are having on Jim’s convoys and economy. The ones raiding the Canadian convoys are taking a rest this turn… working to make it difficult for Jim to find them. Also… Jim has been using his DD’s as part of his task forces supporting UK operations in the Atlantic and Med. Do not neglect the strategic warfare aspect of this game. It is critical in slowing the UK down.

On the Eastern Front… Germany continued to push forward, taking Kiev and the mine in the south. I mauled a number of defending Russian units.


Here is a picture of Minsk falling. The Germans have reached the Baltic and are in the process of assaulting Pskov as part of their drive toward Leningrad. I am very pleased with Germany’s income and position.


I decided a couple of turns ago to take Malta. So I began prepping operations to that end. The effort expended on the island is nearly as much as opening another Front. I began bombarding the island this turn with solid hits by a number of aircraft. Malta has probably been reduced to 5 or 6 strength. Malta is critical to my success in Africa and securing my supply. I usually wait till winter 42 to take the island, but decided in this game that I cannot wait. Jim’s navy is in strength in the Eastern Med with at least 3 BBs and 3 CVs and a number of support ships. Should he come attack my aircraft… he will not only have to deal with them but the combined Italian and Spanish navies, which could prove very costly… if not catastrophic… especially since most of his BBs and CV’s are understrength due to operations in the Med. With Malta under my control I can begin my effort to take Egypt.


In China… Jim struck me hard. I expected him to throw everything he had on Ichang… instead he threw everything he had on anything but Ichang, which was a surprise! He took very heavy casualties in his attacks. Many of his units that were damaged pulled back out of view. So the fighting in China has become very bitter and costly to both sides, however Japan clearly has the upper hand.


In this picture I struck back hard, destroying two Chinese corps and you can see the destruction of the third in progress. Chinese forces in the south suffered terribly this turn. You can also see the toll the fighting has had on Japanese units. My losses in China are costing me resources I need to allocate toward the coming campaign in the Pacific… however once Southern China is pacified I should one less headache while I take on the US and UK.

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A lot of movement in China, but nothing I can show. The Japanese propagandists sound very happy about events in China, but they have not yet encountered the bulk of the Chinese army, which has been restructured and now forms strong defensive lines in the mountain passes---and even in the very mountains themselves.

No action in the Middle East or North Africa, except that 7th armored drove north to take down the port in Beirut.

In Russia, the Red Army continues to grow, and elaborate defenses are being constructed. The loss of Kiev is regrettable but as Comrade Khrushchev recently said, Russia has many more cities and many more soldiers.

Following is a brief summary of recent events:




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The Germans and Italians continued their air offensive against Malta with good results, knocking the fortress down to 2 strength steps. I think I have a good chance of destroying the defenders next turn.

My holding of Gibraltar has also begun to affect Allied supply in the Med, which not only reduces the effectiveness of Allied ground units, including those defending Malta, but also of those at sea!


My offensive against Russia is going well... I am taking my time with her for a specific reason. More on this later. I was able to take Pskov and get within 1 space of Leningrad. One of my main objectives this year is Leningrad.


Just north of Pskov you can see the second prong to my northern offensive striking home destroying a Soviet army. In the South I was able to seize Odessa using German armor, destroying a 3rd soviet unit… a corps if I believe correctly. I have 2 powerful armored thrusts going forward at the moment… one in the North and one in the very south. More pictures next turn.

My U-Boats continue to raid Jim’s convoy lines around the globe! Germany has multiple U-Boats in the Indian Ocean now, along with the North and South Atlantic and the North Sea raiding the Russian convoys. I am trying to create multiple fires for Jim to put out… or at least try to. It means he has to send DD’s and CVs across the globe making the RN less powerful and able to concentrate.

In Asia, I took a bit of a strategic pause to reposition units (redress my line) and strength up… prior to making a final push for Chungking. Japanese forces in the area were worn a bit thin due to constant offensive operations over the past year. I did manage to attack and heavily maul a Chinese corps, forcing it to retreat. On the Sian front Japanese forces mauled another Chinese corps… so even though the operational tempo was down… Jim still took casualties this turn. The remains of the Chinese army around Chungking is in rough shape.

At the same time all of this is going on, I am actively preparing for operations in the Pacific. I have had to carefully manage my income to conduct a full scale war in China, while prepping for one in the Pacific. To make matters worse the US slapped the oil embargo on me this turn. We are in the middle of August, 1941. Had I not heavily invested in Industry… Japan would be in a bit of trouble at the moment. This turn, I was able to get Industry 3!!!

Do not neglect industry with Japan. The war in the Pacific is really a war of economy. The more powerful Japan is… economically speaking… the better you will do and the better you are able to weather reverses. Japan’s income right now is well over 300 as a result… even with the oil embargo. When I seize the Pacific possessions and the industry/mines around Chungking I expect to have Japan humming with an income over 500.

Back to Jim

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No maps this time, mainly due to the fact there was virtually no action. I did risk a couple of low cost Russian units (a corps and a division) to knock a couple of steps off of the German XV Panzer Corps. It is down to 50% strength now, and morale and readiness look marginal as well.

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Serious action in Russia this turn as the Germans close in on Leningrad and directly threaten that city.


This is the beginning of the turn… hammering the defenders.


You can see, at moderate cost, I was able to destroy the defending corps and engineer. I am especially pleased by the destruction of the engineer as it will be awhile before fortifications will be constructed in Russia… at least until Jim gets around rebuilding him… making my job that much easier. I was able to destroy another corps in the south and I also hammered a couple of defending units as I prepared for my next push deeper into Russia.


My assault on Malta was successful in destroying the defenders. You can not see, but after the defender was destroyed supply levels are at 0 for both Port and City. It will be hard for Jim to defend the island now… It is only a matter of occupying the fortress island and securing my supply for North Africa. Unfortunately, my firepower was such that the fortress succumbed a turn earlier than expected.

In China I was able to destroy another corps in the South and maul a few additional corps badly… including the one before Sian. Unfortunately no pictures in China this turn… a lot going on behind the scenes. Almost all of my resources are being consumed for Pacific operations, which are shortly about to get underway.

Back to Jim

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Strangely enough, as I am sure some will think, I don't feel any worry yet in any of the various theaters of war. Perhaps I'm in denial :) --- but, I don't think so. Malta will fall, but I don't think the extra boost to Axis supply will matter as much now. The Commonwealth has significant strength in the area, and the suspension of attacks against the defenders on the Egyptian border has allowed my morale and readiness to recover.

Russia is still outnumbered, but winter is not far off now, and neither are my new units in the production queue.

China has a tough road ahead of it still, but even if the capital in the south falls, the central and northern parts should hold up.

The wild card is America---and the timing of the Japanese attack. Based upon US war readiness Marc can afford to wait a bit, but that also allows me time to bring on new units and upgrade them with some recently acquired technology.

Here is the summary of the Allied situation after Marc's last turn, and some maps showing my responses:


NOTE: the "Stalingrad" event gives me a free corps at 50% strength


NOTE: in the following screen, I don't show my decision, for obvious reasons of security.



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It is starting to heat up and things are getting exciting. I have a lot going on behind the scenes that I cannot show you at the moment. Soon.


The Italians landed and took Malta this turn! My supply for the Med is now secure and the Axis forces in North Africa pushed forward this turn to the Egyptian border.


Weather in Russia is beginning to deteriorate. I was able to destroy the corps just south of Leningrad at great cost. German supply is being affected by the weather and it is costing me. This is to be expected.


In southern Russia the advance continues… yes we are into October and I am slow walking things for a reason. This picture is right before the city fell.


In China, Jim launched a number of attacks against Japanese units taking very heavy losses. The Japanese drive in Southern China continued. With the destruction of a corps and the mauling of several other units.


I expect significant gains in the next few turns and Chinese industry to fall to Japanese might.

Japanese preparations for a Pacific offensive are continuing at a fever pitch. It is difficult to manage with the war in China going so hard at the moment… however I am very pleased with the Japanese position at the moment.

Back to Jim.

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China is having difficulty, because most of its income goes to replacements. Yet I can't replace all losses---I have to divert at least something to building a new unit or two or the results will be disastrous.

Here is a summary of losses and gains from last turn:



And, here is a brief synopsis of this turn for the Allies. Not shown, a German U-boat is sunk west of Denmark (kind of a mini Battle of Jutland I suppose).



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The Germans continued their advance in Southern Russia and launched major attacks in the north. I was able to destroy 2 Russian units… (corps I believe) that had been thrown into the line in front of Leningrad, but no advance was made. The weather and ground conditions were pretty poor in Northern Russia this turn. German supply is poor so it is possible I will not be able to take Leningrad this year… which is a strategic failure for me. That said… Jim is being forced to throw units into the line to stop me and the Germans are chewing them up at an amazing rate.


In Southern Russia, you can see supply finally caught up with the lead German units and another powerful advance was possible. In this picture, I am in the process of taking the mine. You can see Rostov off and within reach of German armor.


In North Africa… Axis forces pushed forward into Egypt and took the key supply center of Siwa Oasis, destroying a UK corps in the process. German aircraft bombed Siwa pretty heavily in advance. I expect to assault Jim’s entrenchments next turn. I am not entirely sure what Jim has waiting for me… however Italian units in Syria have a UK armor in view, which puts that unit well away from the action and unable to respond should German units break through.

In China… the Chinese units got hit hard.


I conducted a prepared assault on Sian and was able to seize the city fairly easily. You can see that Jim’s units are pretty beat up from several turns of rough fighting. There is no nearby supply source and several of those units are now in trouble if they stay. Jim opened up an opportunity to take Sian a few turns back and now the city has fallen permitting an early assault through the mountains if I can manage to spare the units. With the coming operations in the Pacific… we shall see if that is possible.


In Southern China, Japan was successfully able to take the mine in view. The Japanese also assaulted the city of Kweilin mauling the defender. The mine alone generates 10 MPP and 15NM points…

Chinese resistance in the South is essentially crumbling. I also suspect that Jim has stopped placing new units in the South… instead opting for placement in the North… beyond the mountains, where he can regroup.

We are now at the end of October, 1941 and things should really begin to get interesting.

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I elected not to attack the US on December 7th. US readiness is at 41% and Japan is doing just fine at the moment without opening the war. On the Eastern Front the Germans redressed their line and prepared for Winter. Jim launched a counter attack in the center that also forced me to adjust my front and move some armor and mechs around in the event he has more power behind it than expected. At this point I believe that much of the fighting for the season is now over.

In North Africa Axis airpower hammered Jim’s fortifications into Egypt and my ground forces lunged forward and attacked. I did not break the line but hope to do so in the coming turns. There was a massive air battle over Egypt as a result of Jim having 3 British fighters down there. The Egyptian offensive is becoming an expensive operation for both sides.


I continue to beat up on China. Kweilin fell this turn meaning that the forces in the South will finally get around to Nanjing probably this turn.


I was able to destroy a corps blocking the road to Chungking and then was able to advance adjacent to the city. China’s position in the south of the country is now hopeless. Jim can only hope to slow me down at this point, however he has been taking massive casualties doing it.

On the Sian front Japan was able to maul a couple Chinese corps and forcing one to retreat.

Over-all I am very pleased with my position. Germany, having paid of Franco, is rolling in cash. I believe I made 571 this past turn and Japanese income is seeing a nice bump due to Industry tech and occupied Chinese industry. When I get around to opening the war in the Pacific Japan should be real powerhouse.

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Game turn summary below for end of Marc's last turn:



For my part, no maps this turn. I did take Kismayo in Italian East Africa, and pushed a German army back with my armoured spearhead in northern Russia, causing 6 step losses to the German in the process.

China did some damage to a Special Forces unit in the south, but is starting to think about the final defense of Chunking.

Also discovered a German sub west of Africa and knocked it down a few steps.

There was lots of movement in the background, but nothing I can share for the moment.

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Japan opened the war in the Pacific this turn in a big way. This is the Japanese blitzkrieg!


Let’s take a look at the Hawaii operation first. Hitting Pearl Harbor note that one of my carriers is on escort duty. This is intentional… as I want to damage the defending fighter. This also makes my carrier strikes be more effective.


I was successful in destroying all 3 BBs. I used a reduced carrier force… to hit Pearl Harbor. My 4th heavy carrier is elsewhere. You can see there are 3 heavy and 1 light carriers. I am trying to be economical with my carrier force so that I can field a powerful second body elsewhere in a few turns. I wonder where they are? One of the best aspects of this game is guessing where the American and Japanese carriers might be.


This is the second shoe dropping on Hawaii and the reason I wanted the defending fighter damaged. You can see the landing force standing off Hawaii, just out of view range from Jim’s fighter recon. I did not want to alert him that this was coming. My entire force was able to get ashore destroying the defending fighter and taking the Barracks. I expect to begin the assault on Honolulu next turn.


Since I was invading Hawaii, the island of Midway, as a supply source, needed to be secured as well. Once Hawaii and Midway fall any US strike force sent into the central Pacific will suffer from reduced supply. Jim will likely have to go after Hawaii first, before beginning an island hopping campaign. This will give Japan extra time she needs to prepare.


Here you can see the first troops coming ashore in the Philippians. Note the Amphibious transport south of Manila. Always go after the Philippians from both sides. It allows you to land additional forces and take Manila in one turn.

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