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AoD Official AAR/Walkthrough #2!!!

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I'm surprised the Allied player didn't see this coming when the Italians invaded French North Africa.

Great move though to punish the French for abandoning their positions. This series of events is one of my favorite from the default campaigns. I only wish there were more what if's that were supported in such a way.

Even without decision events, this game supports "what if's" extremely well. I suggest that if you have some specifics in mind, that you send them to Hubert to consider for the next generation of the Strategic Command series.

Marc and I have played countless games where we have done ahistorical things, without any decision event support, and had very interesting and believable outcomes.

I do like the fact that, as you said, the game punished the French for leaving North Africa. Hope that you are enjoying the AAR, and thanks for following it.

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Oh neat Abukede. I bet you said no to Vichy to get Spain into the Axis fold via that decision event. Having Spain voluntarily in the Axis is going to mean a nice net gain in MPPs over the course of the game.

This also probably means you are doing an Axis attack into Egypt since you will be able to capture Gibralter & close off the med to the Allies. Pretty powerful move.

Uh oh---just read the scripts for DE 602 and 603. While I'm happy to see that it will cost the Germans 800 mpp's to get Spain onside, this is an unforeseen development for me. It makes my diplomatic investment a total waste of money, if he goes for a "yes" on this upcoming event.

That said, I'm still happy otherwise---I wanted the possessions that would otherwise have been "neutral" to be Axis. Gives me a free hand with respect to invading them and not having the US become annoyed. And the Free French which I would have otherwise gotten aren't exactly a game changer :)

It still remains to be seen if my strategic plan for this (Med) theater will work out. Spain could be an added complication, but it's always nice to have a game like this moving in an ahistorical direction, but one that "could have happened" as we war gamers are so fond of saying.

By way of background, my gaming experience goes back to the dark ages of paper maps and cardboard counters. DGold, one of the regulars on the Battlefront site, and a fellow beta tester, is an old friend of mine since around 1982 and he and I, together with other friends, played many games over the years. We like our games "historical" and "believable", and Strategic Command in all its various iterations has always filled that bill for us.

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No real photos in Europe this turn. Germany is busy consolidating her holdings. I did not yet get the DE event to bring Spain over to my side.

Germany is in the process of consolidating her holdings. The weather over the continent was terrible… otherwise I had set the Luftwaffe up to hammer Jim’s fleet in the channel. Lucky him.

In Asia… Japan continued her offensive in the center destroying another Chinese corps and a garrison further south.


I also attacked in the south mauling a third unit. China is bleeding cash.

Game wise… I feel pretty good about Germany’s position. With the proceeds of France’s fall I was able to purchase 3 additional armor and 1 mech. I expect to have 7 armor deployed shortly. All should be ready for Barbarossa. In addition over the winter I invested heavily in technology and additional HQ’s to support my growing army.

Japan is still a work in progress. I have a lot to work with and I have plans.

Back to Jim.

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brianlala---it just occurred to me that Abukede probably thinks (correctly, until about ten minutes ago) that I didn't know about the Spanish event. You might have spilled the beans for him :D

Who's to say that wasn't my goal :) I'm rooting for you...the underdog in this fight.

800 MPPs to get Spain makes for an interesting decision on the Axis side. It's probably worth it but that hit is really going to hurt in the short-term with Barbarossa around the corner.

I'm curious to calculate how much of a MPP boost Spain gives each turn in order to see if it is worth it to ally with them through this event.

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Who's to say that wasn't my goal :) I'm rooting for you...the underdog in this fight.

800 MPPs to get Spain makes for an interesting decision on the Axis side. It's probably worth it but that hit is really going to hurt in the short-term with Barbarossa around the corner.

I'm curious to calculate how much of a MPP boost Spain gives each turn in order to see if it is worth it to ally with them through this event.

Hurray, a fan for the Allied side. :)

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No action from the Allied side this turn---the relative calm of Marc's last turn gives me a chance to do some housekeeping.

One encouraging piece of news---Russian research is paying off, which is good because I need something to make me forget my mistake as the UK with my diplomatic efforts with Spain. Russian needs to research tech for infantry, armour, industry and production and yet also has to ensure that it has built speed bumps to slow down the Germans when they come.

American research is paying dividends too; but soon I will need to start putting money into production. However, it seemed wise for America to make investments into its industrial and production tech.


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Turn wise... only limited action in Asia. I conducted a few minor attacks just to remind Jim the Japanese are frisky. I spent a good part of the turn rebuilding and bringing up reinforcements. I expect serious action next turn in Asia to keep the Chinese honest.

The Germans were very busy consolidating their new additions to the Reich and shifting forces eastward. So there was no action to speak of. Convoy raiding has stopped... so Jim has to wonder where my U-Boats are and what I am up to? I bet Jim is also wondering what the German forces in North Africa are up to also???

Essentially lots going on but not much to talk about or show any pictures.

Back to Jim.

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Well, if Marc is going to play his cards close to his vest, then so am I :)

Actually, I just have nothing to report this turn, other than my good fortune with research continues. Love it when the USA gets production ramp-ups!

To offset that, and as I expected, my deployment of additional defenses in Hawaii seems to have made the isolationist group in Congress think that I actually care what they have to say. But I'm wearing my "FDR hat" and so I will be ready when the time comes.

I am looking forward to seeing what Marc plans next in China---despite his best efforts, I have been able to keep my losses replaced. This turn I could have rebuilt a destroyed Chinese corps fairly cheaply, but a nice new HQ seemed like a higher priority.

In China, I am a bit concerned that I lost track of his artillery. I know where it was two turns ago, but don't know where it is now. I suspect I will learn the answer soon enough, the hard way.

Britain is hunting subs, but as Marc has mentioned, they are pulled back. I do see one in port in Cherbourg, and suspect it is one of the ones I damaged earlier. But indeed, I am wondering what my friend is up to. Sea Lion seems unlikely now, but maybe he's planning on getting Spain into the war, attacking and securing Gibraltar, and then flooding the Mediterranean with U-boats. That would certainly complicate the defense of Malta, but it would sure make the Minister of War Production happy if the subs leave his convoys alone.

That's it for now; waiting for the Axis to reveal their intentions.

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Not much action to report. It is mainly all quiet in the West. One of my U-Boats bumped into a UK cruiser. :( Beyond that... lots of moving around behind the scenes. UK forces pushed into Italian held North Africa. I don't think they will have an easy time of it.

In Asia... I there were a couple of minor attacks in the south. In Central China Japanese forces pushed forward to the Chinese line backed up by Artillery. Note the upgrade status of Japanese ground units.


The Chinese I suspect are in for a rough time.

Back to Jim.

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A busy turn.

The weather cleared and I decided to jump early and well Germany invaded and occupied Yugoslavia this turn.


Here you can see the opening of the offensive which ripped through the country with ease. Beyond this a lot going on behind the scenes. Also… one of my U-Boats discovered or bumped into a UK cruiser trying to flee a carrier/DD force… beyond that I am very pleased with Germany’s position at the moment.


In Asia, I continued my offensive in the center, destroying a corps and mauling an army badly which retreated. Supply was poor for the frontline Chinese troops.


Just south of this offensive, I began attacks on a new front and moved up artillery and additional units for a major drive next turn. As you can see I was able to inflict limited casualties here. I expect to do better next turn.


In Southern China I was able to make good progress with my offensive pushing northward, destroying another corps along with the fortifications. So that was 2 corps destroyed this turn with a third badly mauled.

So at the moment Japan has 3 main offensive drives going against China, causing Jim significant casualties each turn. I expect the action to really begin to heat up over the next few turns. This should keep him busy replacing casualties instead of building new units or preparing for his own offensive drives. I will give you an overall picture of the fronts in china next turn.

Concerning my preparations for the Pacific I am pleased on that front as well, however the Congressional isolationists are screaming about the deployment of additional forces in Hawaii. I am enjoying watching the US war readiness drop like a stone. 2 turns ago the US was at 27 and now she is back to 15. Perhaps I will even delay war with the USA if this continues. I mean why not? Japan is slowly building up, while also dismantling the Chinese war machine. I get extra time to make Japan a real powerhouse. In addition with US war readiness low… it could mean limited lend lease when war with Russia begins. I have not seen this done yet… so I have no idea what will happen.

Back to Jim

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US war readiness climbed again at the beginning of my turn but then dropped back a bit at the end of the turn, due to the continued presence of extra forces in Hawaii. I thought it might be just a one time hit, but apparently not---if it continues, I may reconsider my position on this deployment.

Meanwhile, Tobruk fell to the British, and a German sub was sunk to the southwest of Ireland.

China continues to dig in---the scale of the Japanese offensive is awe-inspiring, and so far unstoppable.





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Tobruk fell last turn, which was a blow to the Italians. I had hoped she would hold out one more turn till reinforcements could arrive. She did not. I now have to retake that fortress and as you can see from Jim’s picture there are German forces in Africa. I can confirm I have significant numbers there… perhaps enough to take Egypt, which is my goal. After taking Tobruk… Jim pulled his forces back toward the Egypt border. This was a very smart move!

Not much happened in Europe this turn other than repositioning my forces for the next push after the brief Yugoslavian campaign. My U-boats are in the process of ravaging the UK’s convoys… I think they cost Jim 38+ income. Germany is very strong at the moment and I am very much pleased with her progress. It will be interesting to see what Jim has done with Russia.


In Asia, my offensive in the center continued with the mauling of a division. Here you can see my attack going home against a fortified army, which was subsequently destroyed. Further south I was able to destroy another Chinese army occupying a city. I chose not to occupy the city this turn for fear of losing the damaged unit, which I may lose anyway… the point that matters is that Jim has lost 2 armies this turn! Ouch!


To give you better perspective of the fighting in China here is a view of the Center to southern Front. You can see I am clearly making progress, however I have a lot of units to chew through before reaching Jim’s Chinese capital.


I thought this might be an interesting look. You can see the massive losses China is suffering in comparison to her income. If you recall last game things were reversed in that China was causing the Japanese horrific casualties. This is why the Japanese player cannot ignore China. You need to hammer China hard in a methodical way to keep her from getting too strong to launch a major counter-offensive. Should things proceed as they are now I expect to begin closing in on the Chinese capital by spring 42.

Taking the entire country… north of the mountains will likely prove impossible, with operations by that point ongoing in the Pacific… we will just have to see how things go…US war entry was down to 14 this turn… if it goes much lower I may get lucky with China by delaying war with the USA.


And lastly… Spain finally entered the war!!! Jim will be pleased to learn that his initial investment in diplomacy with Spain “actually” paid off. Surprise surprise! This decision event does not fire unless Spain is at 30% + Axis… which forced me to spend badly needed cash on diplomacy. Good job Jim! That said I am very pleased to spend it, as Spain gives the Axis number of good units, including armor and air, plus badly needed income.

By owning Spain my strategic options open up as well, including a late invasion of England should Jim send the majority of his ships elsewhere. My immediate goal will be the reduction of Gibraltar, which will hinder UK supply in the med… and support my objective of seizing Egypt.

Back to Jim.

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I went back into my last turn and as requested took this screen shot for you. Please keep in mind that this does not include any losses for Japan on the turn I completed yesterday and sent to Jim.


As you can see Chinese casualties are more than twice those of the Japanese. Japan has taken casualties but I have been careful to limit those losses. This is primarily due to planning, striking places of my choosing and taking advantage of the prepared assault/attack bonus.

Also note Japan’s income. You can see it has gone up twice from industry hits with tech… if you look closely you can also see smaller bumps which account for Chinese production seized. You can also see Japanese spending. I will let you guess at what I have purchased.

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Spain's entry into the war has now become a reality. At least my absolutely brilliant diplomatic move a few turns back delayed it quite a bit. Of course this was my plan all along ... :D You can rest assured that anything whatsoever that appears to be a mistake on my part is actually devious and clever strategic planning!


Well, China is certainly feeling pressure, which speaks well for the overall game balance in this theater. This turn, I made what I consider to be prudent defensive moves in China. Most cannot be spoken of yet, but I did move a lowly garrison into Changhsa. It wouldn't help now even if I moved an army in there, so a garrison is enough to delay his easy entry into the city---make the Japanese earn it, that's my motto :)

China got a tech boost this turn (not in the most desirable research field, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick). And the next couple of turns will see new production come onto the map, which is good.

Now to the Indian Ocean:


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The only other thing worthy of comment in the Indian Ocean theater of war is that I am of course well aware that there is a German surface raider operating off of the coast of Ceylon. Regrettably there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

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An interesting turn all around. Jim took the opportunity to seize Madagascar. There is a producing city there so I can completely understand the wish to take it and deny me extra production.

In Europe, I have continued my buildup… preparing the German army for operations this coming summer. We are into February 1941… and the weather is pretty terrible over Europe. So not much to report.

Spanish forces pushed down to Gibraltar and I expect operations against that fortress to begin next turn. Franco himself is supervising the operation.

In Asia… there was more fighting as the Japanese continued their push deeper into the country.


In this picture I just finished destroying a Chinese garrison and Japanese forces are about to take Chengsha, which happens to be a national morale center. China took a nice morale hit.


Here is an overall picture of southern China. You can see Jim has a bit of a pocket beginning to form around Chengsha. He also has a lot of units in reserve that the Japanese expect to push against in the coming turns. You can see in the northern part of the picture I have cleared all resistance from those mountains, opening up a pathway for advance. Ichang will be my next objective.

Jim lost 2 Chinese units this turn, with a couple more mauled. On his turn he launched a number of attacks, which actually succeeded in mauling a Japanese army and forcing it to retreat. This is a reminder that the Chinese tiger has teeth.


Since Jim had a surprise for me… Madagascar… I thought it only fair to return the favor… though I think mine is a bit more of a shocker. Italian forces are in the middle east!!!! Italian armor occupied Jerusalem this turn, shocking the world. I hope Jim’s wife knows CPR.

I now have Axis forces closing in on Egypt from 2 directions!

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Not convinced by that move in Madagascar. Given the current situation in the Med and the storm coming over India, there is an emergency out there. Reinforcement has to be sent or bought right now otherwise both will be overrunned.

As the main attacker for the first 3 years, the Axis player will use insight in the game for somewhat unfair moves. He knows allied units strength and location as they become available through scripts or decision so he can set his offensive accordingly with few options left for the Allies player.

A good example is India. The country is so big you need a lot of units to garrison it properly. Even if you send the RN and prepare Singapore as per the Decisions, Japan enjoys such a huge naval superiority there is no problem sweeping the entire indian coast and commit a good invasion party to indian ports in the back of Burma defensers. All the RN units can be sunk easily as they appear in their scripted port assignment. Unless you strip Africa from units, India is in trouble as early as Spring 42.

Peripherical operations like Madagascar, although easy target and long-term profitable, cost time and 1940-41 British overall defence set up really runs out of time.

Of course, Abukede agenda can be much different but the Pacific front will not see any credible allied threat before june42. So, he has plenty of time to crush India and conquer most Minor country around by then.

I wonder what kind of counter-measures, the Allies would be able to throw in the path of an early japanese advance. From my experience, you can only retreat quickly or loose most of your troops.

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