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I couldn't get the thing to play. Kept appearing for an instant, then vanishing. Found another link. I fear Bondarchuk's Art Director ran a bit amok--skirted Panzer IVs. Really gritty, at times, horrifying, visuals.



John Kettler

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Skirted panzers indeed! It does look promising and I too await reviews. However, do not lay your hand across the muzzle when dropping mortar rounds down the tube! Proper way is to grip the round from the side, insert the fins/base a few inches in, then release the little fellow and drop you arm down and out, ducking your head and shoulders quickly while facing away from the muzzle blast.

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Watched the trailer and that thing that put me off right away was,everyone's spotless.Not one dirty,clatty face or dusty,muddy uniform.One of the biggest hellholes of destruction in the history of warfare and everyone's gleaming.

"We're to take the factory,cool,be right with you.Just having a ****,a shower and a shave.Anyone got any deodorant?"


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