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Newbie - First Polish Mission: How????

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I bought this game over a year ago but never got around to playing it. I've started the Polish campaign now, and I'm on the first mission with medium difficulty and morale enabled and...it's just impossible! I just get overwhelmed by the amount of German tanks, and my anti-tank guns just have a really difficult time disabling them. I mean, theoretically my AT guns (according to their stats) should have no trouble penetrating PIIs but most of the shots just bounce off harmlessly. It just becomes a slugging match between my AT guns and their tanks, and they have way more tanks so its obvious who will win in that situation. I've even tried hiding my AT guns in bushes and waiting until they are within 100m before firing, but even that isn't enough to reliably take out the enemy tanks, and by then, their tanks are so close that they can easily destroy my AT guns in retaliation.

How are you supposed to be able to win this mission?

Also, are ATR infantry useful in ANY way?


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As follow-up to DonnerBlitzen's post,

Given the Poles were outmatched and overrun in weeks, is it actually possible for the Poles to 'win' its mission assignment(s) vs Germans?

I don't yet own this series of games, but the original TOW continues to intrigue me more given the apparent variety of eastern front scenarios - yes, including playing the Poles (I am a sucker for wanting to play the historically acknowledged underdog).

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