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Impressions on Barbarossa as the Germans

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Some thoughts / impressions on the Barbarossa Campaign as the Germans vs the AI on intermediate difficult level:

a) regarding Italy events in 42:

- there are no real consequences caused for the russian campaign, by the Allied landing in Sicily etc.

The 30 MPP penalty isn´t enough to cause trouble for the german player, as he, at this point, already starts to swim in MPPs.

- After the Italian surrender, it feels not correct, that the italian forces stationed in Russia, still continue to participate on the fight.

B) Axis Minors:

- I believe there should be a limit regarding upgrade levels for this units.

c) German Reinforcements (2 mech, 1 Tank) in 42:

- maybe a costly and therefore a difficult decision in the `42 campaign (see AAR), but in my game, I received these units after the tipping point of the campaign was long gone. So I got an additional advantage over the AI.

These are my impressions after my first Barbarossa campaign. As I´m just an average player, I found it a bit too easy to get a decisive victory. I know AoC isn´t a simulation and also should be fun to play (I also like to win my games), but in comparison with previous SC games, I felt a little less challenge the more the game went on.

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