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Should I be expecting camera groups to be persistent?

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I am currently playing a couple of large games (one is the subject of my current AAR with Dungeon Tiger - we have not forgotten just I was slow because of work and now he is in the same position). Monty's Butcher in particular is giving my machine fits - panning boggs down as more units come into view or more tress. So moving around the battlefield is painful. Once I am where I want to be I'm OK. A last week I remembered that we have camera groups. Hey, I said, that will largely solve my problem. If I assign a group to a unit involved in the 4 actions I have going on I can skip panning around the battle field and just jump there.

I set it up and tested that it worked and then saved my PBEM turn. When I got the next turn back the jump to group did not work. WTF, did I not set them up properly? So, I did it again, verified it again, sent my turn. Next turn, same thing no groups set. So, I was not dreaming. I have tried it in CMFI now as well, with the same result. And I just tried it this morning in a game vs the AI. As long as the session is running the camera groups are remembered. As soon as you save and exit - when you start again they are all gone.

Is that what I should expect? The manual does not say that the groups are not saved for PBEM - but it also does not say they are saved. This is not really a useful feature if it is not saved between PBEM turns. Is this a bug? Is just me? Am I about to make a feature request?

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Damn, I haven't even tried the camera groups yet (or remember of their existence) - but yeah, it would make sense for them to be remembered in saves.

Although I think they are intended to be of much more use in TCP/IP real time games and you can't save those anyhow :)

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On 6/1/2021 at 5:52 AM, LutzP said:

This seems to have extremely low priority … 8 years later, same behaviour.

Yep :(

I ask for it again ever now and then.

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