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I know this thread is mainly on what we might see in a CM:BN Battlepack but some of the vehicles I anticipate being in the Bulge Family that we don't have yet are:

Bulge Base Game:

The Chaffee

The M18 Hellcat

The M36 tank destroyer

Sherman Jumbos


Jd Pz IV/70

The Bulge Commonwealth Module might have:

The later Churchills



A late war module might have:




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All the better if we get the Challenger with the MG module, though I have no idea if XXX corps had any.

For the Churchill, I was thinking the IX, X, and XI which I just assumed came after the VIII but your question sent me to check my Chamberlain and Ellis and I see now they were reworked versions of earlier models and may not necessarily have come later. I don't know.

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Well, I for one would definitely hope to see the M18 Hellcat included with the Market Garden module seeing as the AFV was available in NWE from about July onwards! Seeing as Market Garden is almost certainly going to be the last module for CMBN it should definitely be included for the June to September period that the CMBN family encompasses, expecially since it was hardly a rare, used in one engagement type of AFV.



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Actually one or two of the super-light SPG / mobile AT gun kind of things would probably be a good addition, if they were considered infantry support and maybe included in the infantry ToE. Just one or two could kind of stand in for various kinds of that class of weapon and add an interesting new dimension to mainly infantry combat.

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To hell with super-light SPGs, get me an M12!

The case for it is good:

*It saw action in the correct geographic area and timeframe.

*It uses the M3 chassis so can be built, in part, from earlier work.

*It has a great big stonking gun.

Well if we have the M12 we have to have Hummels right? :)

We had Hummels in CMBO! And 90mm M2 AA guns and M2a1 105mm Howitzers and some Sherman variant that didn't exist. Still, I'm happier with what we're getting with CMX2 in the end.

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I was thinking some more about what else might be in the first Battlepack and one thing that came to mind was captured vehicles. This would be in addition to the French Vehicles the Germans used that have already been mentioned in this thread. I don't recall that CMBO had any captured vehicles. CMBB had plenty and I was wondering how wide spread the use of captured vehicles was on the Western Front. I know some were used and the off the top of my head assumption would be the Allies captured more German vehicles than the Germans captured Allied. However again my assumption would be is the Western Allies would be less likely to use captured German AFVs than the other way around. I certainly can see the Allies putting any captured transport to good use however.

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The British Tetrarch Airbourne tank is a possibility. About 20 were landed by glider with the 6th Airbourne.

We also need not limit ourselves to vehicles. I doubt we'll see US Rangers and British Commandos with the Market-Garden Module. They could be added with a Battlepack. Throwing in the Free French is also a good possibility.

The "free French" would of course speak Berber or Arabic. Only the officers and NCOs were french

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Ans Senegalese but only up until about October/Nov when they were replaced by French Nationals. De Gaulle wanted to collect all the different resistance movements into the Free French Army where they would be under his control. And there was Le Clerc's division which was mostly French National.

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