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Gustav Kiwi Soldiers scenario: i need help

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My solution (on the 3rd try, I believe).  Put my entire platoon in the building in the courtyard and simply slugged it out with the Farmhouse.  Patience, it takes several turns, and did use the light mortar to take out the sniper team.  Then tried dropping the heavy mortar on the Depot - that was a failure.  Put smoke out, and under that cover got the entire platoon in position behind the rock walls to fire on the Luftwaffe position in the Depot.  I believe the piat got two hits on it during the firefight when the smoke cleared, but was able to eliminate all defenders there.  When the last Luftwaffe fell in the Depot, the Axis surrendered.  AAR:   NZ:  17 Men OK, 10 KIA, 3 WIA.  Luftwaffe:  2 Men OK, 8 KIA, 4 WIA.

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