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1941 The Zhukov Offensive Modification

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Good day all,

I just uploaded a campaign modification. It should be reviewed and ready for download soon.

This modification supposes that Zhukov recognized the signs that the German Army was massing at the border in 1941 and proposed a plan to preempt their invasion by attacking first. This move is approved by Stalin who does not close his eyes to intelligence warnings.

The game starts with the Red Army attacking into Poland with a fully mobilized force. What would have happened if they had attacked; could they have stopped or just slowed down the German Blitzkrieg?


-The game starts on 15 May 1941.

-USSR units closest to the German-Soviet front were moved up against the border.

-Those USSR units closest to the border were increased to full strength, including adjacent air units.

-The Zhukov headquarters unit was deployed.

-Most of the German units that participated in the Balkans were moved to Yugoslavia or Bulgaria.

-A few German units were left on the border.

-Most of the German units were moved to railheads and roads leading east.

-A few Infantry corps were reduced in strength.

-Italian units were moved to Albania.

-Three new USSR popup scripts were added to explain Zhukov’s proposal, Stalin’s decision and strategic tips.

-There is a new German popup script for strategic tips.

-The Finish port and village of Hanko was added to the map, under USSR control.

-Scripts were added for a Polish Army Warsaw uprising, post June 1943.

I hope you all enjoy.... Robert

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