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base game req'd for install?

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Bought AC

requires base game SCWWII GC to install. ok.

I don't have SCWWII GC anymore on my drive. I do have the gold version which one would assume the base game being GC.

Went to my email to get link for GC to DL and its expired, naturally:)

I don't see why GC gold wouldn't work for the base game since that's an enhanced GC?


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I see I can't even play SC Gold anymore. It needs GC so clearly gold is just an expansion.

I must have erased GC since I thought gold would be all I need.

I do have GC on my older networked computer but I don't think you can just copy the game folder.

So I need to get the GC setup file so will contact support since it's outdate which makes this topic now void. Sorry;)

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NP. At least keep the setup file if you deleted it.

I had been looking for an old external drive I had which I suspected had my origina GC set up. Found it and installed.

Normally gold means to mean the whole game and then some tho clearly this gold was an addon.

At any rate after 2 turns of AC I give it a big thumbs up;)

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