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Are the camera controls supposed to work like this?

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I am using 2.01. My machine has been struggling with Monty's Butchers - it is playable but very slow at times and my machine takes holidays every now and then. At least it is not crashing any more - thanks for that.

These holidays usually occur when I am panning the camera from place to place across the battle field. On the weekend I had a brain wave and realized that I could be using the <ctrl>1...9 camera controls to get around more efficiently. So I associated camera position 1 - 5 with various units in key positions on the battle field. I tested it during the turn and all was well. Then I pressed the big red button secure in the knowledge that when the next turn arrived I would be able to flip around the battle field without taxing my poor machine as much.

Alas it was not to be - when I started playing the new turn the <alt>1...5 camera positions were no longer set. No jumping around just sitting there ignoring me. Rats. I setup the camera controls again - and tested it during the turn. It all worked. Pressed the big red button. When the turn came back no camera jumping.

Please tell me this is a bug and not how it is intended to work. Is anyone else experiencing this?


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