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New Scenario - Daraya Tank Raid

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I've been following the armour actions in Daraya with interest. So much so I thought I'd recreate the tactical challenges of running armour into a built up area held by irregular fighters.

Here are a few screenshots to give a flavour of what the scenario looks like:

cmshockforce20130421115.jpg cmshockforce20130421110.jpg cmshockforce20130421111.jpg cmshockforce20130421120.jpg cmshockforce20130421111.jpg

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Looks nice but don't seem to be able to find this one in the scenarios. Would be interesting to see a version for Western forces.

It's nearly done! Just a few more AI Plans. I thought about having a version with NATO forces e.g. Brits or US. However I also realised I've done not a few scenarios with such forces in an urban environment. The difference is with this one is it's T72s and BMPs in an urban environment with no holds barred i.e. you can drive down the street and just blast away. If I did a Blue force version I reckon you'd just have two M1s side by side, closely followed by a couple of Bradleys, maybe a M1 in overwatch and slowly and methodically blast your way down the street. What makes the T72/BMP combo challenging to play is they are very vulnerable to RPGs and they don't spot very well...

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Anyone fancy giving this a wee play test whirl? It's short (just over an hour) and your force is pretty small. It's all done (tac/op maps/briefings) and one Red AI Plan.

I've done a lot of tweaking but be useful to find whether it's too hard/too easy before releasing it.

PM me if interested :)


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Just tested this v1, and I was amazed at how close it felt to be watching one of those UTube videos of RL tankies and BMP's as they race through blown up sections of a city. Turrets swiveling all over the place, firing into buildings, racing between safe spots on roads etc. Great fun.

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