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My PBEM opponents: More network troubles for me.

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Well, Comcast is doing it again. I haven't been able to get online from home since the morning of 12/29. I read email and wrote a few responses, but when I got home that night my system just spun its little web-wheels. I've asked my brother-in-law to check it out if he gets a chance, since he's the resident propellor-head. Hopefully he's found a cause and has been able to remedy it.

So, for Rick, Robert, SSPz, Goanna, and Bil, that's the reason you haven't heard from me in some time now (and I was all ready for 1 hour+ of turn-exchange with Goanna via AIM. Damn)


ps: my silence has NOTHING to do with the fact that I seem to be losing badly in every game. NOTHING AT ALL. And besides, it's not my fault. It's my worthless troops. The cowards can't hit the barnside of a broad!

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