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Churchs in the editor and realism

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I started creating a scenario for the first time in CMFI and i realized that unfortunately the churchs in the editor are not ok as regard as the realism.

You know in the editor there are 2 types of that building, the small type is high 2 floors with a very short bell tower and the large type is a massive 4 floors with a strong tower .

I said it is not ok as realism because the standard church in Italy (and France too) is high more or less like a 4 floors building and the bell tower rises above the roof at least for further 2-3 floors, also.both the curch and the tower are slims compared to the other buildings

It is so because historically the curch was the most important building in the town, it was (partially it is) actually the simbol of the urban center so it had to be together with the tower the highest building . Furtermore both were relatively slims to accentuate the soaring to the sky .

Attached 2 rural churchs, the first is near my house (north of Italy) the second from the Sicily contest that i am recreating for the scenario .

Resuming the 2 types in the editor, the first type is too small with a too short tower, the second type is too massive and the separated great tower has a cathedral style (a cathedral can be ok in a city not in a town)

CMFI imho is the best tactical game but also the best can improving, so read my post as a costructive criticism . :-)



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