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Uploaded an Updated Version of the T-34/85 Mech' Ambush Mission

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I have uploaded a further updated version of the T-34/85 Mech' Ambush Mission. This update is pending approval of the Battlefront site administrators, and should be available shortly.

Here is a summary of the updates for this mission:

1) Helicopters now have their own elevated Search and Destroy Script point allowing for very realistic helicopter flight, speed, and maneuver.

2) Your mission starting point is now located near the B-11 anti-tank guns adjacent to the captured enemy base.

3) The co-axial machine gun in your T-34/85's turret has been replaced with a short barreled 12.7mm machine gun.

4) The BRDM-2 has been re-positioned to a more advantageous and survivable spot northeast of your starting position.

The cache file is: single01 mech' ambush.ca

The script file is: SinMechAmb.pd

Previous summary:

In this mission you have a T-34/85 with a Shturm-S under your direct command.

In this mission you are tasked with destroying an enemy reinforcement

convoy consisting of 2 T-72's, 2 Leopard 1A4's, and a Shturm-S. Additionally,

there is a flight of three enemy helicopters that are under orders to fly over

the entire area with instructions to search and destroy.

In addition to this, there is now an enemy RPG tank hunter infantry squad that also

is under orders to patrol the entire area and to search and destroy you and your forces.

The base in the far northwest is now held by allied forces including an infantry squad,

2 B-11's, and a BRDM-2.

Your T-34/85 is modernized with a fully stabilized 85mm tank gun, improved internal

firefighting equipment, and improved ammunition. Have fun with this mission. Sneak

around the edges of the map area, use ground cover to your advantage, and snipe at the

enemy armored column from extreme ranges. Good luck!

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