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1941 Barbarossa - AAR!

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27th of July 1942

Finnland does not surrender... obviously I need to destroy all of their units.


My forces in Finnland are refreshed. They have a lot of work to do if I really need to smoke out every hole.


I found out where the German tanks are... at least some of them. The one in the North is heavily damaged by my Air Force.


In the south, the war of Attrition goes on. An axis Corps is driven back.

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14th of August 1942

Not much happening at the moment. Jörg is attacking at Kharkov and he even destroys a few units, but there is no progress.


Around Moscow, my recon shows me the presence of German Tanks. I don't know what they have in mind... probably sitting around and doing nothing.


In the south, the Germans attack and destroy three of my units. No problem yet... I get enough new units every turn. In my next turn I can start to operate units back from Finnland.. and I can place them wherever I need them.

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20th of August 1942

Finally I found out why Finnland does not surrender:


This delays the transfer of my armored units back to Russia.


Army Group South draws back, and my troops advance to Dnjepropetrovsk.

There are a lot of battles in the Air... my fighters attack the Luftwaffe.


In the very south, the War of Attrition continues.

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26th of August 1942

No pictures this turn... nothing happened. My Red Army is not yet capable of a major offensive... when I attack entrenched German units, the loss ratio is 4:0 or 4:1.. does not work yet. I would need my tanks, but this are still busy in Finnland. I think I will start a major offensive in spring.

I do not understand why Jörg isn't doing anything.. his Level 2 tanks are lethal to my infantry, but he does not use them. Whatever.

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19th of September 1942

I am gatherting my forces for the first big attack in 1943. In late November I will get a lot of new troops... armored and mech units.... and artillery to lower the entrenchment. I will no reveal where is the attack is going to happen and how massive it will be, but I can promise Jörg will notice it.


Jörg has destroyed one of my armies, but he has left a hole. Let us see how he deals with this situation.

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28th of September 1942

Finally Jörg has decided to use his tanks.


Three of them attack the bulge in the northwest of Kursk, supported by infantry. I take my troops back to the well prepared defense lines.


It seems as if Jörg is underestimating the potential damage soviet units can cause when running free through German controlled territory.

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10th of October 1942

Around Kursk, Jörg seems to cancel his attack.


The tanks move back. No single unit destroyed, but a tactical victory for the Wehrmacht: I needed to take my frontline back. So anyone can imaginge what happens if he would use his tanks more frequently.


One of my Armies is approaching Odessa. That would be really nice. But I see German tanks as well, so the party might be over soon.

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22nd of October

Dear Readers, I can understand the current phase is a bit boring. I cannot understand that Jörg does not use his tanks, and so I can easily prepare a major offensive. It will start in 1943 as soon as the time seems right. No information where it will occur, but I can promise that it if is successful, the war will be over.


In the west of Narva, Russian Infantry attacks.


With an unexpected result: a German Corps is driven back by Soviet troops! This is no good for Jörg, it brings him in a miserable position. I bring in Light Tanks to keep the attack going.


The Red Army takes back the positions that were lost a couple of turns ago. No sense at all.


In the south, Jörg starts to hunt down my troops. But at least he is distracted, and some fresh troops arrive, including tanks. These might change the path of the battle down there.

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3rd of November 1942

Just a few more turns, and the action will beginn. I will get my last Armored units in the end of November, and I will wait until then. To bring them in position will take time as well.


A second German Corps is driven back, and my troops establish a beachhead.


Jörgs Tanks come back, and my frontline troops withdraw. If he continues his attack, he will be in range of my ATGs... and if the weather clears up, he will see the full force of my bombers.


Around Nikolayev, Russian troops advance.


A beachhead is established as well. Pretty sure my tanks are a surprise to Jörg.

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15th of November 1942

Not much to report.


The Battle of Narva goes on. My Navy damages the German Tank Corps, and my Ground Troops damage the German Artillery. Seems alright.

Some details about my planned offensive... up to now I have gathered the following force:

- 13 Level 2 Tanks Corps

- 5 Level 2 Mech Corps

- all available Paras (3)

- all available Artillery (4)

- Some Tac Bomber with Fighter escorts

- Loads of Infantry

Some units are still in the queue.

Anyone a guess where the offensive will occur? I would be happy about some participation. :D

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27th of November

Jörg has made some Recon flights to find my attack forces, and he discovered it. I have also noticed he has started to shift some troops to the relevant area, so I decided to start the operation immediately.


Around Narva, my advance goes on. This is NOT my main attack.


Main Attack, Western Part: My first targets are Opochka und Velikye Luki. Bad weather prevents the use of Bombers and Paras. I have a combination of Tanks, Mech Infantry and normal Infantry to deal with ATGs. Did not see any yet.


Main Attack, Eastern Part: First targets are Nelidovo and Vyazma. Not quite sure if I will go for Vyazma if Jörg reinforces it... it is not as important as the other cities.


Jörg brought in an ATG, and I send it back home with Strength 3.

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9th of Dezember 1942

Jörg has started to operate troops to the north. This is what I had in mind... to the second phase is going to start: everyone out. Chase the enemy and free Russian soil from any Nazi invaders.


Bad weather, what a pity. I still cannot use my bombers and paras. Opochka survives, but it is a matter of time. Velikye Luki is free of German troops. Any unit that moves in the city will get destroyed.


Nelidovo is captured, and my troops advance into an empty gap. Jörg has sent troops to Vyazma, so I will surpass the city in the west. Good, my idea works... up to now.


My infantry is approaching Orel. Not quite sure what I can achieve here. Pretty sure Jörg cannot defend on all fronts. Maybe I can cut off Orel... and if not, I will at least distract some troops.


In the south, my troops advance as well. Nikolayev is almost surrounded, and 4 units in adjacent hexes let the siege rule work: supply drops by one point every turn. So this city will be mine sooner or later.

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21st of December 1942

Basically you readers might ask yourself why I started this offensive in winter times. The answer is: I want to have my troops in position to attack villages and cities in spring, and it takes a long time to bring them in position.


In the west, I am already in a good position. What I need it good weather, and then the cities will be conquered.


Closing in on Safonovo. I need to encircle the city and take it. The whole German frontline in the east of the city will be in danger of getting cut off. Safonovo does not have any railway connection, so NO REINFORCEMENTS.


My target for the winter: surround some cities. If the weather gets better, I will use my Air Force to bombard the defenders, and then let my infantry attack.


Nikolayev is now cut off. Just a matter of time... and weather.

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6th of January 1943

My offensive goes on, and even despite the bad weather (still no bombers or paras yet), I get along very well.


Opochka is captured, and the defenders of Velikye Luki flee in panic. I expect Jörg to take back his frontline sooner or later.


My troops are encircling Safonovo, and I plan the same for all other cities in this are. This screenshots was taken before I did my movement phase around Orel....


... and this was after the movement phase. I would say Orel is gone sooner or later. And Kozelsk does not look good as well.


The Red Army takes back Nikolayev. Another great victory!!

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22nd of January

We see the start of the Great Escape. Jörg did exactly behave in the way I expected.. he has pulled back from Vjazma and Orel.


Not too much happening in the Northwest. Bad weather (5th consecutive turn with no Bombers or Paras) and bad supply prevent bigger advances. I knew that Velikye Luki will be the most difficult part of the attack.. if this city is taken and secured, it will almost mean Game Over for Jörg, because I will be able to advance in south with high supply.... maybe meet with Russian forces in Kiev... see last picture.


Kozelsk is back under Russian controll. Safovono, Vjazma and Orel will follow.... esp. Orel won't make it for too long, it is completely surrounded.


I'm trying to encircle a German formation.. let us see if Jörg will let me.


My brigdehead gets bigger and bigger. If I can achieve a breakthrough here, Jörg is in deep trouble. Kiev is not too far away, and if I can advance up there, the 75% of the German Forces are encircled.

Here in the south, most of my opponents are Romanian and Italian... not as skilled as the German troops.

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7th of February 1943

The Wehrmacht pulls back in the Northeast.


In the northwest, Heeresgruppe Nord does a limited counterattack. Two of my units are forces to retreat. Still bad weather, so I won't make any progress.


Vjazma is taken back, while the defenders of Orel survive on strength 1. In this area, the German Forces are heading backwards.


Jörg allows me to start to encircle a big amount of his troops. He starts to fortify Dnjepropetrovsk with tanks.


There is not much happening in the south. I bring in new units.

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23rd of February 1943

Still everything where it should be.


No news in the northwest... the seventh consecutive turn with bad weather. I try to envelope the German formation. Sooner or later Jörg will move back.


My advance goes quick.. despite the bad weather.


There are massive gaps in the frontline. I expect a general drawback.


My target is clearly visible: Kiev!!!

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So many red units... Maybe Germany should have been more flexible with defense at least in eastern Ukraine. I also think concentrating panzers to deal with the threat from Crimea would have been interesting to shorten Axis' front in the south. Now even a retreat on the Kiev line will be dangerous. Well done Hyazinth, well done :) .

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