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1941 Barbarossa - AAR!

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3rd of April 1942

Winter is over... let the games begin!


Pskov remains German. Jörg has brought the unit to full strength, and even after the refreshment it has one experiences bar. This means my units (even the Light Tanks) do almost no damage to the unit. I need heavier equipment in this area... over the last month my units were busy with attacks, so I was not able to upgrade them. The remainder of the Red Army is now upgraded.


I think half of Romania has gathered in the north of the Krim peninsula. I think we all know why.


Here is my current income.

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15th of April 1942

The German attack has started, and it comes exactly there where I expected it to come: around Kharkov and Kursk. This is why I have so many units down there.


I have been asked to show what is happening in Finnland.. let us say it like that: a big attack to bring Finnland back under Soviet controll. If necessary, I have another 2 Tank Corps in reserve I can send up here. My goal: remove Finnland from the war. Given the fact that I control the Baltic Sea, this would enable me to conduct amphibious landings.


Around Pskov, Heeresgruppe Nord has started a limited counter offensive. This time we are not going to retreat... I have brought up tanks, and they will help me to hold the line.


Main Front, northern Part: German Tanks are approaching our lines and destroy an Army... our first loss since almost half a year. I have two Tank Corps in reserve, and if I see a damaged German Tank Corps, they will go for it.

My infantry strikes back where ever it can. The Wehrmacht takes losses as well.


Main Front, southern part: German Tanks advancing, but I have concentrated my ATGs here. Let the come. German infantry is taking losses as well.

I think we will now reach the crucial state of this offensive: how much power does the German drive have until I can stop it?

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27th of April 1942

The German attack around Kharkov gains momentum, and I will have my difficulties to stop them.


The Battle of Finnland continues, and I bring in more Tanks. If I can take Lappeenranta, it will be a big step ahead.


Around Pskov, my frontline is firm. In 1941 I was not able to hold the front, now I am.. at least for a certain time.


Jörg's Main Drive around Kharkov. I loose a couple of units here, and I need to transfer infantry from other theaters. Not quite sure if I can avoid a breakthrough, German Tanks are still too powerful.

Of course I could have sent my tanks to Karkov, but I want to go for Finnland... and so my troops at Kharkov have to help themselves.


Romanian forces are attacking the Krim peninsula. They have destroyed two of my units, and now they reach my Main Defensive line. Let us see how long it will hold.

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9th of May 1942

No decisions yet, but at least some minor advances.


The Red Army takes the first city that was formerly Axis controlled! Of course this is a big propaganda victory, but what is more important: it is a major strategic loss for the Finnish Army, the gate to Finland is now wide open. I have 4 Tank Corps up there, and it will be very difficult for Jörg to stop me. Any finnish unit I destroy will be in the production queue for 1-2 months, so the strength of the Finnish Army will start to melt down.


Around Pskov, my troops conduct a local counteroffensive. Two German Corps are heavily damaged and retreat.


In the south of Kharkov, my troops also strike back. A couple of German units are damaged, and the German Mech Corps is forced to retreat. Also more units arrive from other parts of the frontline.


Very important: Jörg has moved back his damaged Romaian corps, and one of my Armies moves in the free tile. I think that was a tactical mistake by Jörg, because it will take 2-3 turns to destroy this Army, and this brings me time to build more fortifications. If I can hold the Krim until the ending of 1942, it would be a major success.

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21st of May 1942

Progress on all theatres. I am still waiting for Jörg to reveal his plan. He has so many Tank Corps in the field, and the only attack I see it the one around Kharkov. I wait for a surprise.


I refresh my troops in Finland. My Tank Corps were heavily damaged, one was down to Strength 2. One Tank Corps was still in good condition, and I used it to attack a finnish Infantry Corps, and it left the party to avoid destruction.


Pskov: Heeresgruppe Nord retreats, and I prepare an attack on Pskov. I will try and use my Tank Corps to attack the city. Let us see.


Kharkov: My Counterattack shows more success than I expected. A German Tank Corps and another Infantry unit bite dust. For sure that does not make Jörg happy. A couple of Axis units are forced to retreat under heavy losses. It seems that my position behind the river in the south was well chosen. And of course the devotion of my engineer corps helps a lot


Krim: I expected Jörg to bring in some tanks. Infantry alone will not force me out of this position, that is for sure. Iif necessary: I can send new builts down there easily, so the bottleneck remains closed.

In history, the attack on Sevastopol occured around the same time. German troops, German Tanks (PzKpfW IV F2), German siege guns (Dora)... this was necessary to break the Soviet fortress. The lack of all these "ingredients" might lead to the fact that the meal does not taste in a way Jörg wants it...

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2nd of June 1942

Sorry for the delay. And I have no clue where Jörg's tanks are... I can spot two of them at Kharkov, and they destroyed two of my armies. I wonder where the rest lurks.


My advance in Finland continues. Jörg tries to block my way, but he does not succeed. The finnish HQ takes damage, and this will lower their supply... crucial in this area.


Finally my troops take back Pskov!!! This is the first Russian city that is taken back in this war! My troops enter a defensive position behind the river. The Red Army is better than in 1941, but it is not yet capable of large scale attack operations.


The Battle of Kharkov still rages. I loose two armies, and Heeresgruppe Süd looses a Corps. I bring in more troops to secure the city. And I have prepared a nice surprise for Jörg that will be visible next turn.


In the very south, the situation seemed a bit boring, so I decided to start a limited counterattack.. pretty sure that comes unexpected. A Romanian corps is driven back, and one of my Armies takes back lost ground. Even if I loose this unit, it will take Jörg a lot of time. And I can imagine my advance does lower the supply of the Axis troops.

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14th of June 1942

No major developments... the attack in Finland continues, and the Battle for Kharkov goes on.


Jörg sends German troops to Finland... wise choice. My attack goes on.


I wanted to attack the German Tanks with my complete Red Air Force, but bad weather avoided this... next turn.

Germany looses an infantry corps.


In the very south, my advance continues. This will bring German supply to almost zero.

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- Wow... I second Big Al on that one. Seems already hopeless for Germans, looks like Soviets have between 2/3 to 1 advantage in numbers (at least around hot spots).

- There are fortifications everywhere and even with any tech advances I don't see how Jörg can make a hole in the south :( . Well done Hyazinth !

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@ Al: 161 to 132 in favor of the Allies.

@ Strat: Thanks, nice to hear... but the game is not yet decided. My concept for 1942 is not to attack.. I still have way less tanks than the Germans, and I would need tanks to attack.


26th of June 1942

Slight progress on all fronts.


My advance in Finland goes on. The terrain is unfriendly, so I need more tanks to push the Axis back. It still is a big advantage that I rule the Baltic Sea... next turn my fully repaired fleet comes back and will start shore bombardments.


Central Area: I do some recon and discover two German Tanks. Something is going to happen here.. but what? And why doesn't Jörg send them to

Kharkov where they are barely needed?


My combined Air units start a strike on a German Tank corps (the one in the north). I wonder it survived, because it took heavy damage.

More reinforcements arrive at Kharkov, including some ATGs. Jörg will not like it. A German corps bites the dust... I need the tiles around Kharkov to spawn fresh troops, and Jörg allows me to take them back every turn.


That comes unexpected: the Romanians flee back to Nikolayev! My troops follow them... what a pity I cannot bring tanks down there... I would immediately stop the operation in Finland and attack the German frontline in the south of Kharkov... from the REAR!!!

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@ Ancient and Kuni: you might be right... but in late 1941 no one thought the Russians have a chance... and it went out in a different way.


21st of June 1942

Sorry, I mixed up the dates! Correct now!

Good progress in Finland and on the Krim peninsula!


Finnish and German units are driven back. Their supply is miserable.


Concentrated attacks of the Red Air Force damage a German Tank Corps, and ground forces finish it off.


My troops in the very south enter a defensive position behind the river. I do not have any offense power down here, so I feel happy. I do not expect to beat the Romanian forces...

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27th of June 1942

I can promise a few interesting things for the next turns.


The situation in Finnland looks desperate. With a bit of luck I can encircle the complete Army Group. No measure against my tanks up there.


In the south of Rzhev, my forces destroy a badly damaged German division. Jörg did not refresh it last turn. No damage taken.


This looks like a loophole I should exploit. If Jörg does not notice the gap, I will attack next turn.

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2nd of July 1942

The Finnish Army gets its Battle of Tali-Ihantala... just two years earlier than in history.


And I predict there might be another result as in history.


Pleae keep in mind I am not a native English speaker, but I think the right expression for the current situation of Finnland is FUBAR.


No signs of any German activity around Kharkov. It seems the Battle of Kharkov is now over... and it is a Strategic Victory for the Red Army. Or will the German Tanks come back and get their punishment from my Air Force?


Jörg has closed the gap, and I start to attack the Italians. Unexpected outcome: they retreat.

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- Mmh, a panzer offensive from Nikolayev would have good chances to bag several soviet units and threaten the planes and HQ. It can even have some strategic spin to it so I'm a bit relieved to only see Italians around because units facing the town seem quite weak...

- Situation at Kharkov and Helsinki (nice pic to illustrate your offensive ;) ) worsening by the turn for Axis. Are all reserve in the center to prepare some nasty surprise ?

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I am interested that the Allies control the Baltic. Was there any restriction on access to the Baltic by ships and subs operating out of the Leningrad area? In the actual war the Germans and Finns constructing a barrier of anti-submarine netting and mines so that there was no access for the Soviets to the Baltic for a lot of the war.



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@ Mcaryf1:

There was some kind of blockade that blocked naval movements.. unfortunately the engine is unable to model this. SC3 issue...


9th of July 1941

Unexpected developments in the south... very well.


The Finnish Army seems "finnished"... Last Stand.


Jörg moves his forces back from Melitopol. I did not plan to attack there.. I have no Artillery or tanks down there, so I would have never been able to force the Germans out of their position behind the river. I suspect a trap... not a single German tank unit is visible. I bet Jörg will concentrate them for one big attack. But where?


This area is secured.

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Actually the game engine can model nets and minefields. For example if you allow Finland to have a number of DD units with zero AP but good naval defensive values that can be strung across the Gulf of Finland then the Russians can be denied access to the Baltic until they have expended effort to destroy them or until they have knocked Finland out of the game. This then represents the actual anti-submarine nets and minefields that were really deployed. If USSR has some sub units located inside this blockade then they cannot get out but they can prevent the Axis from making unrealistic amphibious assaults on Leningrad so it works both ways.



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@ Mcaryf1: You are 100% right... at least I guess so. Hopefully Big Al reads this.


15th of July 1942

Finnland faces Annihalation


Helsinki is under attack. 2-3 turns from now on. Mannerheim has been sent to retirement.. and he won`t come back.


Still curious what might happen around Kharkov... still no sign of German tanks. Strange.


In the very south, my troops cross the river. This was not planned, but I think this opportunity should be taken.


The "Big" Picture.

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21st of July 1942

My Strategy in Finland has worked out, and this happenend quicker than I expected. Originally I expected Jörg to send troops to help them, but he did not do this.. and so he sacrificed Finland.


The Red Army closes in on Helsinki, and my tanks do their jobs.


Helsinki is gone, but Finland does not yet surrender.


In the southeast, the Red Army pushed ahead. Jörg does another step back.


In the very south, we have a kind of WWI-style trench warfare without advantages for any side.

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