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Official Walkthrough Assault on Communism

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Turn 23. Lots of fighting.

The weather cleared for airpower. The Russians conducted a number of air attacks, followed up by ground assaults.


The Germans pushed the soviets back around Stalino, destroying a number of units that had pushed forward. I am also going to try to force the Soviet forces back toward Pavlosk… however it is December 10th and I am unsure whether I will be able to do so. German readiness is becoming a problem… essentially my forces are starting to run low on supply… and are exhausted.


In the center winter has arrived. You can see I was able to finally eradicate that pocket of trapped Soviets. The soviets launched a major offensive North of Smolensk, with Siberians!!! Notice the AA... the artificial intelligence is keeping it with the most experienced units!!!

I was forced to pull back to better defensive positions with improved supply. I am going to have to quickly move to reinforce and strength up the units in this region. It is about to get very ugly. It is now time to take up defensive positions in the center and cede the initiative to the Soviets.


In the North, the weather cleared enough for German air units to reduce enemy fortifications. Artillery also added their assistance… enough so that I was able to send forward ground units to break the Soviet line around Leningrad. I was also able to reduce the defensive fortifications in Leningrad to 0. Next turn I intend to begin my direct assault on the city. I still may not be able to take the city this year. The soviets could easily counter attack and spoil my chance. The Finns were also able to move south… and should make their presence felt next turn. So I will be assaulting the city from two sides.

If you think this walkthrough is interesting from a single player presepctive… make sure you try multiplayer!

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T24. Some serious fighting in the North and Center… but weather conditions are deteriorating and it is getting very difficult to fight.


In the South supply and weather really hammered me. I decided for the most part to move into defensive positions, strength up units and prepare. I also brought up a number of fresh reinforcements corps which are now arriving in a steady stream each turn. Remember my build strategy early? It is now paying off as I have about 2 to 3 corps arriving each turn. All of my Division are now deployed as well. Between the corps and divisions I am now able to fill out my line, create reserves and am generally becoming much better prepared to receive a Russian offensive… that said… it is very hard to prepare, as the Russian winter offensive if timed right can get pretty bad.


In the center… the Russians pushed their limited offensive forward. I was able to knock back a couple of units and pinch off 3 units from supply. I am sure the Russian have reserves pushing just behind the front… but at this point it looks as if I have pretty much blunted their advance. I am very concerned about the coming major winter offensive. The Russians now have 114 units deployed, of which most are likely front line units. I have to prepare myself to receive this offensive and will stage units on rail heads to rapidly relocate them if possible when supply rebuilds itself. Winter affects supply at the rail heads… more on this later.


In the North the final assault on Leningrad began. I was able to seize half of the city after serious fighting. I was lucky enough to have flying weather… though the ground conditions are frozen. My medium bombers reduced the morale of the defending unit and I was able to effectively push the attack home. I hope to take the second half of the city next turn… and have staged my artillery to support that effort. You can also see the Finns were able to get into the action. My goal has been Leningrad instead of Moscow this year. I am almost halfway there.

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With the release of AoC this will be the last turn of the Walkthrough. I will make a few additional posts in the coming days… but I will leave you here… and let you explore the rest of your game in your own way.

Turn 25

Winter strikes. Massive hit on my supply in that the values of my towns and cities took a major hit. Then my troops took a major attrition loss and I mean major! The Russians struck across the entire front causing nearly as much damage on me as the attrition losses! Several German units were thrown back with a number coming close to absolute destruction. My ability to repair units has been severely limited as well.


All that said… I was able to continue my offensive against Leningrad… using arty to hammer down the defender and then destroy it. Due to poor supply… I was unable to exploit my success and take the rest of the city. That will have to wait for the next turn.

Only one picture of the front this post… as it was the most interesting. I really want to show you the losses.


You can see Russian losses have steadily begun to fall as German supply and readiness began to suffer due to worsening weather.


Check out the massive losses on the German side for the last 2 turns!!! Over 2k in losses from the first hit from winter (the North) and the beginning of the Russian winter offensive!!! That is a massive loss for the Germans. To prepare for it I saved income from the last 2 turns, around 900, but it is not nearly enough.

A hint for the German player… when winter strikes and you take attrition loss. Your first repairs should be your HQ’s. Damaged HQ’s provide reduced supply. Disruption of the supply chain (cities and towns) is bad enough… damaged HQ’s make it worse. If you fail to repair your HQ’s your losses due to the Russian winter offensive will be much worse!

I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed this walkthrough. It was a lot of work… I did not give away everything strategy wise… but just enough to make you dangerous. I am off to help improve AoD and in a few days will begin a new walkthrough/AAR with Happy on the 1939 World campaign for AoD… which I know has nearly everyone’s attention. I am playing several games now on it and it is a lot of fun.

As a side note: If you are a fan of the SC series… I implore you to go forth and purchase ApC to help support Hubert and bring us SC3 that much quicker!

Best regards,


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Sure, but I guess rockets should be available and the research table makes sense. Or there are no rocket weapons available in this campaign then this entry should be disabled by designer. That is possible as I know.

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I've got a few general questions. As Soviets what do you do with your light tanks? Is it worth MPP to repair them to full strength or do you just throw them away as speed bumps or making counterattacks whenever possible and not worry about building them up to 10 strength? Is anti-air investment worth making as SU or just focus on infantry and AT an aerial combat techs?


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Light tanks you use for counter attacking. I think you have 25 light tanks vs the German 13 or so... Don't remember #s. But its part of the Soviet strategy on how to use them. Ya just have to figure out the best way ;)

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The bonus points are added to your National Morale. This boosts your unit's morale slightly, and also helps out in the long run as if your National Morale falls to zero, then the country concerned will generally surrender.

You will need to research technologies in order to be able to buy higher level units. There is a research tab on the right hand side. It costs MPPs to do so, and the research itself will take some turns, but once done you'll be able to upgrade your units and buy better ones too!

I would also suggest checking out this thread as there is a lot of information that you'll probably find useful to help you get started:


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Hi Noah

Rail guns and rocket artillery are good at demoralizing targets (especially rocket artillery) and reducing the target's levels of entrenchment. Bombard with these before ground units attack.

BBs and Cruisers can bombard ground targets, which has a small chance of causing a casualty among the defenders, and it will also cause some demoralization.


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