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Grenade goes through wall

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It does look like a bug..it lands well in front of the wall.

I suspect it is more an issue that others in various ways cited earlier about what you see versus where things might really be. Reason is I have a scenario I am working on that has a few walls and while watching the pixeltruppen vault them I am noticing they aren't vaulting the wall but actually nearby the wall, they then walk through the actual image of the wall. I need to play around with it a bit more and check the 2d image of the map for the locations where I can duplicate the effect. I'll also see what the effect is depending on direction the pixeltruppen are moving.

It could be a bug in the sense that placement of the wall in certain situations could give a mis leading visual. Not sure yet. I'll run some more tests tonight and see if there is anything to that or if my brain is just addled. Well I mean I will see if there is anything to it despite my brain being addled.

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