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Random Map Generator for QBs?

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I've exhausted play on most of what I deem are the more interesting maps that came with the disk and was wondering why there was no random map generator included in this version as was the case with the CMx1 series of games?

Also, given this lack of unlimited random play maps, are there any online sites that anyone knows of where one can download some new, player created maps? Scenario Depot was my old go to but seems stuck on presenting maps for CMx1 games only.

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The maps in the CMx2 series are a bit more complex than those in the CMx1 series. It was felt, according to statements from Steve in the past, that CMx1's QB auto map generator didn't really generate very good maps. It was decided that with the additional complexity of CMx2 maps it would not be worth the time to code up an auto map generator.

There are also other features of the QB maps that really wouldn't do too well with trying to having a computer assign them. Setup zones and victory locations, etc. Plus QB maps have AI plans in them, something that would take an extensive amount of coding to come up with some sort of decent auto generator. It is felt that a human can come up with far better, consistent and more imaginative settings than any program could.

I'm not specifically aware of any CMFI QB maps available around the web (though they may exist). There are a few maps in the 'Repository' (you'll need to login), but not really a significant collection of more QB maps.

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I may be crazy for doing this, but I generated a CMAK map and took a screenshot of it (the map editor screen) to use as a map overlay in the CMFI map editor. It wasn't too shabby working with it as a reference, although it still required me to ensure that the elevation was accurate enough.

Friend and I use to map generate the heck out of CMAK despite good or bad maps coming up, but we had fun with it nonetheless.

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