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Interesting (or weird) AI behavior

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The other day I played an interesting Last Defense scenario as the American. I left everybody more or less in their default positions, targeted on ambush markers and hiding. This worked perfectly; no one opened fire until I told them to. But I couldn't figure out what the computer was doing. It had the Tiger, a Stug, and 2 HT's on my right, the other Stug and HT's in the middle. The Tiger and Stug slowly drove to the dirt road and stopped. The other Stug and HT's drove slowly down the main road until they were about 140 meters from the wheatfield. Then they all just sat there, looking like they were in a traffic jam. I was baffled by this, thinking that the AI had gone screwy, until I realized that it had infiltrated a PG platoon around either flank, behind my forward positions. And I mean all the way on the flanks, as far to either side as it could get. I was eventually able to fight them off, but both frontline platoons were decimated. This tactic didn't really work for the computer (I knocked out all its armor), but it's the kind of thing I would expect more from a human player. I was so preoccupied with waiting for its armor to get into bazooka range, and wondering why it was just sitting there, that I almost didn't notice the double flanking until it was too late.

There was one other weird thing. While I was playing staredown with the Stugs, a PG squad began running toward one of my hiding squads on my right. It didn't pass near enough to that squad's ambush marker, I guess, because the PG's came all the way unmolested. When they stopped 10 meters away from my squad, I decided not to wait to see if the tactical AI would react and ordered my squad to quit hiding and fire. The PG's were wiped out in the next action phase. I still don't know what the computer was trying to accomplish with this move. It didn't seem very smart. Unless it really couldn't see my guys, and sent the squad out to recon the postition. If they were supposed to draw fire, they accomplished their mission. I hope their mothers like their posthumous medals. ;)

-- Mike Zeares

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