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Surreal landscape doubles as image ME map


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My first CM map! Just wanted to see how creative I could get with the editor. I originally intended to do a relief sculpture with more depth, but quickly found that due to the drastic slopes with the contour lines being too close together on the human skull it would only look cool, but not play well due to the creation of too many cliffs. I made this with as much depth as possible without cliffs where I did not want them. The end result I feel is a dynamic landscape that offers rather dynamic play. There looks to be lots of chances for flanking maneuvers on this map, and it not the typical objective just in the middle. It is like fighting in a surreal dreamscape.

I am still tweaking, and checking pathfinding, but should have it for release soon. I think you guys will find this an interesting, fun meeting engagement map that is anything but cookie cutter. I am thinking of calling it “Death’s Head”.

It looks different with different terrain packs, and with lighting. I used Birdstrike’s Syrope terrain for the design, but it looks cool in other terrains too. I recommend dawn, or dusk lighting.

(This guy was definitely a heavy smoker ;))





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Man you are one sick dude, and I love it. Not sure about fighting on it, but it is certainly a hoot to look at.

Thanks Burke. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it when I put it out. Obviously it is not historic, but should prove to make for some dynamic, fun meeting engagement battles. This map can be approached different ways strategically the way I have the objectives set, and because of it’s unique layout. Lets just say it is different than any other map.

I’m testing it now against the AI, and it feels more like fighting in the pacific I think. I could imagine seeing something like this on Pelilu(yes I know I probably spelled it wrong :)

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Very well done sir!

My volcano is coming along slowly, but should be available soon™. Caldera full of burning vehicles makes for a nice plume.

Thanks. I thought about doing one with some volcanoes too. I’d like to do a female figure for my next one with the volcanoes as double image for the breast. Good luck with what you are working on Schultz.

This was a lot of fun to create, but much more addicting to put down than playing. When playing I can turn it off more easily after a turn or two. The editor has no set stopping point so it was either all night sessions, or not working on it at all. No in-between.

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