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Merging maps?


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A tool that unpacked the reducible .btt format into their respective files was my initial want after discovering CM; it would open some interesting possibilities for map editing and campaigns. Alas, it's a no go - thus far.

However a lengthy work around solution to your problem exists (I'm sure one of the community's experienced mappers will verify the method). The caveat is that you will req version 2.00 CM:BN or CMFI to perform this.

A solution: Take a screen shot of each of your maps from the 2d map editor. Trim up the shots in an art/photo editor and merge them into a single image. Save the combined image as a .bmp file naming the file as “special editor overlay.bmp” (without the quotation marks). Place this image in your z_folder (for mods) in the Battlefront/CMBN/Data folder.

Next go back into the editor and generate a stock map. You'll see your merged map as an overlay. Extend the dimensions of stock map to size of envisaged new merged map (the overlay will stretch to fit). Press the 'o' key to change transparency of the overlay. Build the new map from the overlay.

The only problem with this is that you will still have the elevations to edit. The only suggestion I can think of is to screen shot the elevations separately and use the same method described to apply an elevation overlay, upon which you could edit the new map heights.

*NB: see page 79 of the CM version 2 manual for an explanation on the map overlay

Hope this helps...

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