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56 last August


Started gaming with Avalon Hill's Tactics II, Blitzkrieg, Bismark, Midway and moved on to many others..........



I started the exact same way.

I think I collected them all as they came out.

D-Day, Anzio, Jutland, 1914, Waterloo, Africa Corps, Gettysburg, 1776 and as you say many others.....(did wonders for my Geography classes in school)

then on to PanzerBlitz, Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader.

Thank goodness for Battlefront (and computers), Squad Leaders' rule book was killing me.

I've been around here since before the Alpha game came out.

When that first Alpha scenario, (in the snow, crossing the frozen river) came out, well, the evolution of war gaming increased by an order of magnitude.

Can't wait for Battlefront to come out with tabletop 3D war gaming ;)

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I love that CM series has some of the most dedicated fans. I am now 33 and I remember playing CMBO. I remember picking up the game at a store (yeah, I remember the game store days for PC games) after I lost an eBay auction to get the game. I was so frustrated losing the bid on eBay that I marched myself down to the store to get that game. One of the best gaming decisions I've ever made.

BTW, a salute to all the veterans who have made a mention of their service on this thread.

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Indeed. I had a game of Air Assault on Crete under my bed for 6 months while we slugged it out via snail mail. No small feat! That was a long board.

Hey, I had that game! Probably still do, but it's in my storage locker. I liked it, and I liked the included Malta game even better. I got that at a time when I didn't have my other games with me, so played it quite a lot for a couple of months.



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70. Started with the board version of Stratego, then Stalingrad and Panzer Blitz. Still playing enough that my wife comments on it, but luckily my hearing is going.

Ahh... Panzer Blitz. I assume you have tried out the CMBB versions of the Panzer Blitz scenario's? Fun stuff.

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