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Help from some CMBB old-timers: B&T Scenarios?

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Hey all,

Long time! I have been getting back into tabletop gaming and wanted to mine some of the old Boots & Tracks scenarios for tabletop scenario material, and will probably play a few just for old time's sake. I lost all mine in a hard drive crash a few years back and I don't even have my own work anymore. Anyone able to help?

(Double bonus if you also have some of the Der Kessel stuff!)

Thanks much!


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Scott B, I have close to 70 B&T scenarios for you if you want them.

In regards to the Der Kessel stuff, what files are you wanting? Do they have Der Kessel in the file name (like B&T)? If you give me an idea what I am looking for, I may have some for you.

I also have 18 zip files (32 mb total approx) of "Sorted Scenarios" by Phillippe from 1941-45 (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). Der Kessel stuff may be in them.

PM me your e-mail address and I will send what I can.

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Thanks, guys. The prefixes for scenarios that I remember were B&T for general Boots & Tracks scenarios; RD for Rugged Defense tournament scenarios (there are some good ones there); and SP for the Stalingrad pack of scenarios that we released just over ten years ago.

I'll recognize the Der Kessel scenarios I'm looking for when I see them. Germanboy and Berli always made good stuff and there was another guy that I think was already getting out of the game in 2002 that had built (for CMBO) some of the most innovative scenarios I've ever seen for any wargame - can't remember his name but there were a few with elite commando-type forces, one on the bluffs on the coast of Northern France, another based on a dam takedown.

Greatly appreciate your help!

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