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Spotting and on-map mortars

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I thought I have understand how does it work but no. In one scenario I had 2 infantry platoons and one heavy weapon platoon. This last one had radio and my company HQ had it too. So I have grouped all mortars together with platoon HQ with radio. My Company HQ was intended to be in contact with assaulting infantry and to act as a spotter. And everything was good. All mortars were in contact with Coy HQ ready to fire. Then I've started this scenario once more and I did exactly the same as previous. But this time only one mortar(from heavy weapon platoon) was in contact with Coy hq, second had a green light near Coy HQ although he still was out of contact and third was out of contact and reported that is out of contact.

I thought that I did something wrong so I start this scenario once more and exchange heavy platoon HQ(now he was a spotter) with Company Hq(he was attached to mortars) still it didn't worked. Company HQ was few meters from mortars but only one of them was in contact with him! Once again it was this one from heavy weapon platoon. Rest of them didn't even see Coy HQ!

I can't make screen shot right now. i've got some strange Italian(probably) keyboard and I can't find adequate key ;). If this would be necessary I can install program for making screenshots

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Ok, I see you don't take me seriously ;) so I wanted to make screen shot. I found this key but when I'm making screenshot it takes picture of my desktop or opened window but not the game screen itself. I have installed program for making screenshots and it's same problem. Any ideas?

Yeah... only problems with me hehe :)

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thnx, Fraps is working


Heavy weapon Platoon HQ with radio in contact with F Company HQ. Only one mortar available


Coy HQ next to all 3 mortars.


Only one of them shows that is in contact with Coy


Rest of them shows that are not in contact. Although later i found that company hq in this position can call all of them(but not forward spotter)

What an I doing wrong?

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You have completely broken the C2 chain for the mortars, and for an indirect unit to be accessible to distant spotters, its normal C2 chain must be intact up to an HQ with a radio. Keep the mortars within C2 distance of their own platoon HQs and they will remain accessible to call for fire from any spotter on the map. Alternatively, you can keep a spotter within voice distance of the mortars and all the mortars will be accessible to that spotter.

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Thanks. Now I understand. Isn't it a little strange that mortars can use radio from a vehicle regardless of their c2 link but can't use radio of their Company HQ?

Yes; it's a little weird.

However, if I may play devil's advocate a bit, the Company HQ radiomen do have a lot of stuff to do that is not really specifically modeled in CM -- receiving messages from platoons, relaying messages from platoon to platoon, sending and receiving messages to Battalion, etc. So they don't necessarily have the time to serve as radio relay for a couple of mortars nearby. Bear in mind that these are WWII-era, vacuum-tube radio we're talking about here; they're tricky to operate and it frequently requires several attempts to get even a simple message through.

It's a tricky issue because radio comms, and especially radio-directed fire direction and control is a REALLY complex thing IRL. So there has to be some abstraction. Might the Company HQ *sometimes* be able to take over and serve as relay/FDC for nearby mortars? Sure. Would the Company HQ *always* be able to do so, without compromising its other responsibilities & tasks? Probably not.

I don't think the current system is perfect, but I'm also not sure it would be better/more realistic if Coy HQs were simply "super HQs" that could perfectly take over the responsibilities of any subordinate HQ, at any time, without penalty.

Isn't it a little strange that mortars can use radio from a vehicle regardless of their c2 link but can't use radio of their Company HQ?

In extension of my logic above, a vehicle radio presumably is not busy serving as a C2 link as a Company HQ radio is, and therefore is free for the Mortar team(s) to co-opt and use.

Again, I'm not sure I agree 100% with this line of reasoning. At the least, I do think it's a bit "rough around the edges", but it does make some sense to limit how many things a Company HQ can do at a time.

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C2 integrity doesn't relax the same way other parts of the game do on lower difficulty levels. Perhaps it should, and allow what we're talking about here to work, at least half the time.

Please no. Leave the "difficulty" levels the way they are, except for "Basic Training", which you can do anything you like to in order to help newbies get a feel for the game.

I like having a level where everything's effectively the same as the higher levels except for the interface. If I had to go to Elite or Iron to get Warrior's C2 and arty delays etc, I probably wouldn't bother.

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