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I am new to this game. I played this scenario and attacked the Tiger, shot it and the crew bailed out.

I have a few questions concerning this:

1. When the time was running out, the game reported I had not destroyed the Tiger. Do I have to blow it up?

2. Does time always run out or does the game end when the scenario conditions are fullfilled?

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1. Probably. Did the crew recrew the tank? That doesn't always happen, sounds like bad luck. FYI you can target tanks that are only bailed out of and have them fired upon. Good to do if there are no threats or pressing targets around. Also crew's will bail out of destroyed tanks, unless they're all killed in an explosion.

2. The game will end when either one side surrenders, both sides cease fire (automatic I believe in single player when you select it), or when the time runs out. Some designers can make scenarios where the game 'goes into overtime' the clock simply runs past 0 (1, 2, 3) etc with each turn and the clock numbers are in red. This can be anything from 5 min to 15 min and you have no way of knowing unless you open the scenario in the game editor. A little excitement at the end..

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Nice little scenario that can go to the wire.Think you do have to kill the Tiger.There are support units down near the bridge and a few that arrive half way through the scenario.Think you might have to deal with those also to get the full win.Using your guys to spot them without the Tiger seeing you and then taking them out is the trick i think.

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I've had a similar problem and one crew hadn't bailedout. The scenario ended right after.

My guess is that this missing crew was wounded inside by my last zook and the time it took him to either recover from shock and move or die and disppear was more than the 25 seconds left in the game. So the evil feline was still -technically- with a crew.

Just a guess.

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I just tried this a few times.. I only succeeded knocking out the Tiger once and my casualties were so heavy that I could not defeat the remaining German troops. Any good tips on how to check lines of sight when you are planning the advance. I am really bad at finding cover

Way points and target at the end of the way point but you probably already know that.That's the thing with CM Italy,cover is very sparse because of the terrain,sometimes a bit of luck comes in handy and getting the LOS first before they see you.Basically if you have mortars with smoke,they can be a godsend.

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this mission is frustrating at the beginning, but can learn you how to properly check cover and use artillery/mortars.
You need to use your mortar as on map artillery. Try to spare ammo (maybe medium intensity of rounds and short time).

Kill the machinegunner and sniper on the hill (pick sniper first, because he can harass your mortar team from far.

Then try to kill or retreat soldiers on the stone bridge. they have good defensive position and can be proble later during attack on the Tiger.

With your squads move closer to the Tiger through empty river line and do it with short waypoints. Check line of sight of every waypoint through target control, if needed adjust the waypoint so that youre always out of Tigers sight. When you encounter germans, continue after you kill those pockets of defence. When youre around 170 -150 meters from Tiger and germans are dead or supressed, you can use smoke grenades and surround the tank with your infantry. They can destroy it with grenades. Use at soldiers as support. For this last phase you can also use smoke rounds of your mortar.

You also need some luck:

to take out armored vehicle which will come later. You shouldnt be too far from the bridge with your bazooka teams

with positioning at gun which will come as your reinforcement. You need to have kill sniper, machinegunner before that and ideally to supress infantry so the tank will have more trouble to spot the gun.

And lastly, luck with the precision of mortar rounds and the direction of the wind - because smoke rounds and smoke grenades.


sorry for my english and good luck with the game.


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You really need to keep the mortar team and the crack bazooka teams alive.  Use the mortar to knock out the infantry guarding the tiger and get the tiger to close its hatch.  As for the bazooka team, you need to run them in short bursts and use pause to hide briefly before making another dash.  This way, the tiger doesn’t have enough time to take aim at them.  Get at least a couple bazooka teams into those houses on the tiger’s flank.  From there, and with some luck, they should be able to knock out the tiger.

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