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Minor discrepency of ammo bearers.


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I've recently begun to notice that ammo bearers for the Allied infantry OOB (HMG teams, ATGs, medium mortars) aren't actually carrying an additional load of ammo. All the ammo seems to be front-loaded to the fighting unit, leaving the ammo bearers with little to do except be medics.

Is this intentional or bug?

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I'm currently seeing it in the scenario editor as well. The ammo level does stay the same with bearers at a distance. And the bearers carry no hvy weapon ammo.

First time you deploy units, the ammo is all with the gun. If you exit deployment and deploy again, the ammo gets split up.

Pretty sure this is intentional to help the AI using generic AI plans in QBs, but you won't see it in scenarios/campaigns as you can't really craft a scenario without going through unit deployment multiple times.

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