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To access the contents of a .brz file, COPY it into the "input" folder inside the RezExplode folder. Now run RezExplode by double-clicking it.

There is no user interface. Just wait a few moments until an "exploded" folder appears. This process can take a few minutes for large .brz files, just be patient. While the program is working, you may see a folder named "--in progress--" appear briefly. Just leave that alone as it will be removed once the utility is done extracting the resource files. Once the utility completes and the "exploded" folder appears, the files inside the "exploded" folder are the ones you'll want to consider modding, and later repacking using RezPack.

Note: You can copy more than a single .brz file into your RezExplode input folder before running RezExplode. RezExplode will "explode" all of them together.

Once RezExplode has finished, you will find the game sounds files located in the "sound" folder while modifiable graphics are located in the "bmp" folder. There is no file map currently available for the sound and graphics files but most are logically named and should not be hard to figure out.

Note: When you run RezExplode, any older files already located in the "exploded" directory will be deleted and replaced ONLY with the new files from the brz file(s) currently in the input directory.

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Thanks for the quick response. I'm pretty computer savvy, but this one has me stumped. Where is ny RexExplode folder? Then, once i get the output sond and bmp files, do I just copy them into the right folder of the Shockforce game? I'm trying to use the Bill's hex marker download to change unit bases.

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