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Strange explanation for chain of command

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I'm reading through the new manual for version 2.0, and see a seemingly inaccurate explanation of the chain of command. I know this is a subject covered extensively here in the forum, but if this problem has been discussed before, why has the 2.0 manual text not been fixed?

Here's the text from the manual: "A green icon indicates that the HQ unit/formation is currently in contact with the next higher HQ unit/formation, while a red icon indicates lack of contact. In the previous example, if the icon beside the “1st Platoon” entry is red, then the 1st Plt is out of contact with A Company HQ, while - if the icon next to “A Company” is green - then Company A HQ is in contact with Battalion HQ."

This is not what I actually see in the game. In this example, the unit is a squad in 1st Platoon. If the icon for 1st Platoon is red, the manual says this is because 1st Platoon HQ is not in contact with A Company HQ. This seems wrong. If the icon for 1st Platoon is red, this is because the unit itself (the squad) is out of contact with 1st Platoon HQ. I've confirmed this by testing. So, why has the manual not been updated? Am I misunderstanding the explanation in the manual? Has no one ever picked up on this before?

UPDATE: Also from the manual: "Note: this part of the interface does not tell you anything about the selected unit being in command or out of command with its parent HQ. That is indicated in the C2 Link (point 9 below)."

True, the C2 link does tell you that, but when I move the squad away from the Platoon HQ, the icon for 1st Platoon goes red as the C2 icon disappears. The Platoon HQ has a radio, and remains in contact with the Company. So it seems the manual is wrong, the red/green icons to the left DOES tell you if the selected unit is in contact with its HQ or not. Again, no one has spotted this error in the manual before? Has this already been covered in another thread?

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I noticed this Wednesday as I was showing the game to a perspective player. And, thinking about it later I wondered who the highest ranking CoC entity in the chain was supposed to be in communication with (by virtue of the green dot).

Like you I now believe the manual is in error. I base this on selecting one squad with CoC Icons (eyeball, mouth) and noticing a green dot next to their platoon HQ, and then selecting a second squad of the same platoon that is out of command (no icons) and noticing a red x next to the platoon HQ.

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