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v.2.0 MODs Compatibility

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Hi Guys!

I've just activated the 2.0 version (Super!) on my CMBN/CW and I noticed a couple of problems with some uniforms i.e. a couple of guys in US Airborne Mortar Team dressed as Germans! and a Wehrmacht Officer dressed as a US GI...

I still have to dig these out and find in details where it was coming from: I will update my findings here.

I started this topic hoping we will share here for problems/solutions regarding v.2 and the old Mods, so that eventually Modders can be made aware about any issue.

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I'm confused about whether vehicle mods work in 2.0 or will all have to be redone.

It looks, from some threads and posts, as if just certain specific vehicles (Lynx? Tiger? Marder?) maybe don't work with the old mods because they got redone in some way for 2.0.

I removed all vehicle mods for 2.0, but I'd really like to keep the ones that work. It would be great to see a list if anyone knows and would share it.

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Besides vehicles, I also read there are troubles with the naming conventions used for the uniforms in v.2 and that's the reason why you get mixed up results.

Another interesting new feature it's the bump mapping contained (?) in the new textures: I'm not sure it's also used for vehicles, but this might be very stimulating for creating detailed 3D effects on otherwise flatten surfaces.

I would suggest all Modders to take notice about these two relevant changes, and update their creations: I would appreciate the v.2 tag added to these new and revised releases.

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I'm confused about whether vehicle mods work in 2.0 or will all have to be redone.

All vehicle mods work except:

-KingTiger Version 1

-Lynx Version 1

Both have got updated versions now.

So,... all vehicle mods work, ;).

Bump mapping makes older mods to shine even more, so no worries.

All other vehicles might be updated but work perfectly well now.

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