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Well, since there's apparently no thread for quick, easy questions, I guess I'll have to start a new thread for this... couldn't find an answer when searching old threads either, or in the manual.

I'm settting up some foxholes, and I wonder if there is a way to set their facing during the setup phase, before the battle? I just noticed that they seem to have an arrow pointing in the direction they are facing, so can you rotate that somehow, to put it towards the expected enemy line of advance?

Also, does foxholes give better cover in some directions? Does the facing of the team in the foxhole, and the facing of the foxhole itself matter? Should they be in the same direction to get the best cover from them?

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As far as my experience, no there is no way to face fowhooles. Nor is there an defensive advantage from directional fire...just being "in" the foxhole (and your team members might not actually be shown as in a particular hole...it's abstracted a bit) gets you the defensive benefits.

Btw, I am certain my pixeltruppen have received benefits from just being prone behind a foxhole group...but that could be my imagination.

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