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The pricing strategy is interesting but not ethical

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So you bought 3 version of CMBN without actually making sure whether you really liked the game, which you apparently don't as you don't play it anymore? WTF, I don't even know how to comment on that without it sounding extremely insulting. And it took you near a year to figure out? I think you need to talk to John Kettler, he at least took the time to make sure he really wanted it before buying it.

Hard to blame BF for the fact you didn't do your shopping homework... and it begs the question- if you think so poorly of BF management AND you don't like the game, why exactly are you here? That isn't meant as a "get lost" kind of insult. I am seriously asking. Why would one inflict the pain of something they don't like on themselves? :confused:

Haters going to Hate. Micro management isn't a problem when playing WEGO.

Anyway thats another matter. More fool them for not waiting for the demo to be released. Let alone buying 3 versions!! Laughable..a fool and his money etc etc.

We really enjoy CMBN..Company of Heroes 2 is due out soon for you. Shut the door on the way out...

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