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New file at the Repository: Aris Crystal Icon Set Mod CMBN/CW (2012-12-08)

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I don't know if I prefer them over the other modded ones I have. Maybe it has to do with my low-end computerbut when I go far from the icons with the "point of view camera" those icons look very jaggy. This is not the case with the other icon mod I have (don't know whose it is, I think Juju's).

Other people also experiencing jagidness with these crystal icons when one looks at them from afar in-game?

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This mod, actually, is one of my most beloved ones,...but needs to be updated slightly for 2.0. And sure, these icons won't look good at all without antialiasing, Hister.Sorry.
Ah so they do not work properly in 2.0? yeah, sure they don't - I forgot 2.0 added additional unit designations. Silly me.

As for anti-aliasing I do have it turned on in the video settings menu and they do still appear jaggy when I go far from them. It probably has to do with my veteran PC although I do have a newish GC.

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Umm, I tested them beforehand, many times,...as I usually do, and in my PC they look crisp, not jagged, in fact, much more crystal clear and defined,...don't know what the culprit might be,...I have added the new icons for version 2.0, so it's almost ready.
It has to be my computer then. If only I could afford to buy a new one, gasp.
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It's great to see you applying your talents to the Normandy game once again!

A few questions and hopefully constructive observations regarding your latest icon set if you don't mind:

  • Are the icons for British and German combat engineers supposed to be the same (soldier carrying a panzerfaust)?
  • Do you have time/interest to create dedicated icons for the British Sniper and Forward Observer that reflects the khaki/drab color scheme of the other British icons? Perhaps as additional "Use only with British" options.
  • It looks like the latest upload was missing the FOW icon for British "Heavy Weapon" and the British Ammo Bearer icon was missing the bullet silhouette.

Hopefully, this doesn't come across as nitpicking, but you strike me as a guy who appreciates detail and unity of design. Thank you again for your seemingly endless stream of gifts to the community!

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