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Zawiya Uprising (Libya scenario)

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I sincerely hope other people have been playing this xnt and fun campaign. The mix of units, the situations and the maps are all very interesting.

Am curious as to how to use the Green but motivated Militia/Irregulars/Volunteers who come to help out the crack and elite Guard Troops.

I figured that regular soldiers don't want a bunch of untrained yahoos running around when he's attempting an operational move, so I don't mix em, and try and keep the Irregulars separate.

I do the same with the Mercenaries. They're better quality than the yahoo militia, but generally still only Regular with a few Veterans. However, how would they cooperate with the Crack Guard troops in RL?

And how would the Mercenaries work with the Militia?

Any suggestions as to how these various Libyan formations might function in RL would be helpful. Thanks.

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And am still suprised that we don't have any interest in an Egyptian Civil War scenario given current events. The fact that the Egyptians have M1's and presumably other US equipment would make it a fascinating situation.

(Presumably the Syrian terrain etc of CMSF would be similar.)

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