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Problem with PBEM ?

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I'm currently trying to PBEM, but are having

a major problem.

CPU: P3 450

OS: Win98

Video: Riva 128ZX

Sound: ESS Solo-1

DirectX: 6.1

Scenario: Riesberg

Side: Allied

Turn: 1

Both have set up and given orders. What I get

from the other player is a larger pbem file.txt

than initially, but probably due to movement.

I hit Play to see what my guys are doing. Since

it's turn 1, they start advancing on Riesberg.

I can view them all, from different cameras. When

all are done, I hit Done. Then the computer freezes

solid. The only way out is by CAD. No Alt-Tab or

Alt-Esc works.

I can repeat this problem. I can send a saved file

if needed.

Is anyone else getting this problem ?



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This is a bug - BUT you can still play. Before the game froze, it has written a file called PBEM.txt in your CM directory. Try to find it. This is the file that you need to send your opponent.

After he views the replay, he will send you his file back and you will be able to issue the next set of orders for turn 2.

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I have this bug sometimes. That's what seems wierd to me, it's just sometimes. Yesterday before work the pbem worked great after work it would crash after making the file.

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it is at that point that you send the file to your opponent.

I believe the order the file gets passed back and forth is to prevent cheating. Rather then have someone put in orders then watch the video they have one person put in orders and send the file, other person sees it and sends it back without doing anything other than watch it. This makes it so you cant put in orders watch the video and decide you want to reload the original file and put in different orders or simply do the same orders over and over till they suit you.

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