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Requested PVP difficulty change! Hubert C.

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Hubert since SC 2 I have requested the ability to change the PVP setting on the game. Classic example when I play my nephew I would like to give him a +2 expirience and +100% this would be a great way to help introduce and keep interested a new wave of gamers. V.S> My friend John he is SUPERIOR to me at this game I wont even play him anymore. But he would play me if I could recieve hanndicappped setting. The same pardon my language is you fear of unbalancing the game ??? All you have to doo is make these settings public on the first turn.

This game has greatly matured from its original. This modifaction wouls allow a whole slew of variables publicly and knowingly occurr. It is time to mature the settings to help balance the game to help players be MORE equal not less.

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