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1939 Storm over Europe for Breakthrough!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just a quick update on this to say that it will be more than just an import into the Breakthrough engine, as we are also resolving some balance issues and making a few other improvements.

The upshot will be: expect to find it easier to invade the USSR as Axis during Barbarossa, but not necessarily easier to finish your conquest of that country.

Hopefully this will be coming soon! :)

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  • 3 months later...

Hello Bill :) ,

- I tried SoE and noticed some small bugs coming from SCGC WWII. Hubert adressed them:

1) aerial recon attack


In SoE email multiplayer on WWI break 1.02:

I did an aerial recon with the romanian figther near Sevastopol before USSR war entry and attacked the societ cruiser hidden on the target tile.

2) wrong interception range displayed for fighters (yellow circles)


In SoE, as example, german fighters show 3 tiles when they have at least 7 tiles range

Nothing big, just wanted to let you know.

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I currently playing a game of SoE as the Allies vs the AI, and I've noticed some odd things. When the AI turned down the decision to resolve border disputes in the Balkans in 1940, it prompted me to look into the AI acceptance percentages in the events decision file, and it was apparently 100%, 25% and 0% all for that one event. There appear to be three percentages (sometimes the same, sometimes different) for all decision events, leading to multiple other instances of odd outcomes in game, and I'm not not even sure which of the three is actually supposed to be applied in each case. This file could use a thorough going over for the next patch.

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Hi Bill ^^ ,

Some things I find strange you can look at (just remember I didn't play SoE much so I may be wrong):

- 0 NM bonus for amphibious transports sunk

(should be the price of the unit, I think ?)

- Finland: finnish units suffer from the "general winter" event in USSR in 1941

(I don't think they should given what happened in the Winter War with USSR)

- air units can fly over neutral territory

(not sure they are supposed to)

- when capturing Liverpool with Germans, convoys arriving in the port behave strangely (pic 1-2)

(CAN-UK and US-UK continue, with an UK naval unit in port, then UK capital moves to Egypt but only CAN-UK is relocated, because US is still neutral ?)

(not sure if any use but I also noticed there are DE numbers in convoy/map display windows: "DE 103 - Canadian Supply Convoys To The UK")

- weather Zone in northern France/Belgium has so much rain/mud it's a pain, especially in summer, it rains more over Lille than over London (pic 3)

(add to that it can rain over London when it isn't over Lille and Sealion becomes very complicated, once I had 2 clear turns from May to August...)

- Germany: the window for operation Mercury should pop at the fall of Greece/conquest of Athens since Crete becomes axis when that happens (pic 4)

(I had it when my first axis unit came near Heraklion, one year after capturing Athens)

- Sometimes, I find carriers very hard to kill, maybe because of their naval defense of 2 (pic 5)

(ok it was rough seas weather but still...)






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Second part about observations on SoE:

- no increase of german MPPs after conquering Poland ? It is even decreasing (pic 1)

(talking about base MPPs from mine/cities, not plunder, that works well)

- operating costs are nearly punishing, and investing in infrastructure doesn't help much

(more than 60 MPPs for a tac bomber with ground lvl 2, with such a big map it slows operations a lot)

(had to move 1 para and 3 upgraded tac bombers to assist bombers and figthers to take Malta and it was a difficult, costly affair)

- I can understand elite upgraded units cost more to operate but it pushes you to upgrade after operating when it would be more logical to reequip units before deploying them and sometimes there are strange things going on... (pic 2-3)

(2 german corps with inf tech lvl 2 but the one with 1 elite point cost less to operate...)

- then not sure but isn't production tech supposed to decrease upgrade cost ? I can't see that ingame

- paratroopers can prepare for a drop after attacking (not if they drop then attack) in the same turn ?

- paratroopers can drop on rain tile if starting on a clear tile ?

(maybe because the rain tile was just on the edge of the rain zone ?)

- maybe rethink a bit victory conditions for Axis, any failure to take London and there is not much incentive to go for Cairo or Stalingrad (pic 4)

(actually I'm in a situation where there is no way I'll take London but Moscow, Cairo and Stalingrad are in reach)

- USSR mobilization gain when Sealion is launched doesn't look like a good deal for Axis, even with possible diplomacy benefits

(Stalin should be happy to see Germans occupied far away, I don't say mob% should decrease but at least not rise)

(one possible thing would be to increase USSR mob% IF Germany takes London because then Stalin will worry about being next in line)





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Third part about observations on SoE, those are just suggestions to spice things a bit for underdogs :) :

I find french research tech desperately empty with lots of "0" so I gave it some thinking:

- France: should have advanced aircraft lvl 1 at start

(Dewoitine 520 was a good plane, there was just not enough of them ready in May 1940)

- France: should have naval tech 1 at start

(France was already producing "modern" ships but was limited by time and industrial capacity: Richelieu was launched in December 1939 and Jean Bart escaped shipyard in June 1940)

- France: should have level 1 in production at start

(french factories were rising their production with a peak in May-June)

- France: should have 1 chit invested in industry at start

(trying to catch up with late rearmament)

(the points above will give at least some choice to invest more in competitive fighters/ships/HQ or redirect some MPPs towards more pressing needs)

- France: De Gaulle HQ should be level 6, would give a viable choice to invest some MPPs there. And though De Gaulle was no Rommel, he wasn't at Gamelin's level !!!

- Italy: Messe HQ should probably be a 6, better than Graziani for sure

- Italy: USSR expeditionary force event should have a viable "no" choice, actually -400 MPPs over 10 turns is a no brainer (pic 1)

(cost for HQ lvl 5 and 2 corps would be 375+100+100=575 MPPs, so you save 175 MPPs saying "yes" plus quick deployment)

(giving 100-150 free MPPs to Italy for saying "no" could mean extra production of trucks, artillery is redirected to MED front)


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Fourth part about observations on SoE, this time to say what I liked ;) :

- units retreating from combat quite often when taking a beating

- not always starting from 0 supply when taking a town

- using fighters close to frontlines to spot land enemy units (base 4 tiles range)

- chosing between spotting an offensive path with a plane or throwing a mobile corps in the unknown

- having room to maneuver in North Africa

- finding Moscow, Stalingrad and Baku are far far away :P

- extended french Maginot Line

- not being able to cover the whole front with units or attack everywhere

- having pockets of "unexplored" tiles in the rear as Axis in USSR

- partisans being a real pain in USSR

- the base 8 tiles range of paratroopers

- the base 10 tiles range of amphibious units

- the anti-tank units

- stukas being great against units on open ground, not so much against entrenched ones

- italian Regia Marina having a chance to do something :D

- the extended pool of GAR units

- U-boats being efficient as long as they have the tech advantage (and a big Atlantic ^^)

- and some other points I can't remember just now

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Also, in addition to what I said above, you might want to do something about Greenland. I think it should be automatically occupied by the British through event (like Iceland) upon the surrender (or protectorate) of Denmark, or the port there should be removed. Currently this port is useful for German u-boats, and I don't think it's reasonable to make the Allied player go to the effort of invading Greenland manually (unrealistically time consuming and expensive).

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- Another good thing to say about balance in SoE is that despite many mistakes (multiplayer, both sides not experienced with this campaign) we managed to get somewhere close to historical lines at the start of 1942 (see strategic map below).

- I play Axis in this game so it's only my point of view. I also had soft builds turned off without thinking about it when setting up the game so lack of units will likely be a problem later, not sure if SoE is better played with or without extra troops for unit pools.

Axis mistakes:

- Axis invested too much in tech and not enough in upgrades early.

(especially motorization lvl 1 for corps leading to slower advance in USSR while there was heavy tank lvl 3 in August)

- Axis didn't operate enough units from Poland to France to save MPPs.

(leading to late/botched up Case Yellow)

- Axis didn't focus enough on taking capitals/supply sources.

(attack power was spread too much along the front)

- Axis invested too much in high tech units (panzers stukas) for Barbarossa.

(resulting in a lack of smaller units to plug the holes or capture secondary objectives)

- Axis was too cautious with subs in 1940-early 1941 when UK isn't prepared.

(spending too much time in silent mode)

- Axis plan to take Malta was close to a disaster MPPs wise.

(cost to operate 1HQ, 3 upgraded stuka units, 2 para units)

(however it worked just in time to defend Tripoli and counter-attack in Africa)

- Coming close to Leningrad too late, having Finns entering war only in November !

(If I'm right that's the trigger to activate them, don't remember seeing any advice window for that)

- Axis disbanded a bomber unit with a stupid click.

(didn't want to redo the turn, so we said Hitler stopped th Ural Bombers project :D)


Allies mistakes:

- Not producing enough units early to get speed bumps ready for Barbarossa.

(June-August 41 was very strange with nearly no enemy in sight)

- Lack of HQ units to support Red Army operations.

(helping over-stretched Germans with crappy supply to still have punch)

- Letting Regia Marina roam free too long in the Med.

(free hands around Malta/Tripoli, get attacked too late when around Creta)

- Difficulties to spot subs in the Atlantic, not exactly sur why.

(even with 12 DDs vs 6 remaining subs after USA war entry in late 1941)


Yes, that's a bulgarian unit near El Alamein :D .

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Glad to be of help Bill :) ,

One other small thing:

- I think Tartu had supply reduced by partisan attack before one of my axis turn but don't have a partisan supply tile (pic 1)?

- I confirmed paratroops can drop on rain tile if starting turn on clear weather tile (pic 2).

They can also fly over neutral territory to drop on that rain tile, here Belgium (pic 2).

And they can even be intercepted by UK fighters starting on clear weather tile, losing 2 steps (pic 3).




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One stupid question ^^ :

- Germany has nothing to do (but wait) to get Hungary/Romania/Bulgaria joining.

Shouldn't Hitler have to pay at least a little something to pressure those countries ?

(maybe 75 MPPs per country, price of 1 diplomatic chit)

- Can be interesting for Yugoslavia too:

Germany has the option to put 75 MPPs to bring them in:


Yugoslavia will join Axis if Brits don't finance the "coup"

Yugoslavia will lean towards Allies if Brits finance the "coup"


Yugoslavia will remain neutral/as it is if Brits don't finance the "coup"

Yugoslavia will lean towards Allies if Brits finance the "coup"

(but financing the coup would be harder/cost double since Germany isn't involved)

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  • 2 months later...

diplomacy in this case is too expensive and not very effective.

in my opinion it's better to invade Yugoslavia asap - after this other Balkan countries join Axis Alliance very fast.

Only thing here is that you can awake Soviet Union, so the goal is to finish the war on Balkans before opening of Eastern Front.

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