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German Mortar Teams & TRP's


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I'm curious why a German 81MM mortar team cannot directly target a TRP to which it doesn't have direct LOS, but instead needs an in-contact HQ unit to successfully launch the mission through the "artillery support" window (i.e., going into the HQ's artillery support window to schedule the barrage with the mortar team, rather than having the mortar team itself target the TRP directly without intervention or support from the HQ unit)?

I'm not complaining or suggesting that there's a bug or anything; rather, I'm just curious as to what the RL reasons are for this. Is is something like only HQ units have the coordinates to the TRP and the mortar teams do not (and if so, would the reason for this be the need for higher command intervention before an artillery mission is launched at a location out of LOS)?



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I'd wonder why a mortar team would be permitted to take the initiative to fire unseen on a given point that they have the coordinates for. I'd assume the "observer" (who doesn't have to observe) is hooked into either a plan or a better comms net in order to take advantage of the information their entire force is gathering, as you the player do when using a TRP without any FO having LOS to it.

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Chain of Command. I'm not sure AI can program initiative.

My arty mistakes often include

-Not protecting my FO or HQ units with a small target arc to prevent shooting of small arms to disclose position

-rushing my HQ or FO into position rather than going slow then giving a small target arc so my position is not revealed.

-TRPs are a gamble and I don't gamble well... if at all possible I hope to put my TRP on or near a victory point and wait when enemy is near or give up the position and lay waste to land I have just given up. Then counter attack. Yet still I fall prey to iron rain myself :D.

Most of the time for me; it is as I talk to myself ... ok dumbass you really pooched that strategy but oh well let the bombs fly. Next time I will really get him.

Conclusion... I suck at Arty lol.

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