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Issue with limbered anti-tank gun

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I have a 17-pounder AT gun that I set up in a Deployed state at the beginning of a turn-based scenario, and it's facing a row of bocage. However, once I started the mission, its status shows as Limbered, even though the Deploy button is shown as being activated. Is this a known bug?

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Sometimes the TacAI decides that a gun needs to move. It has the authority to do so, and will start the piece packing up. IME, it happens most often when the gun has only a small fraction of an AS (like a hedgerow corner) to itself and needs to turn to engage a target, but the patch of ground it has available doesn't have room for the new slewed orientation.

When you're setting up a gun, the crew spend some time crawling round getting into position for its specific facing. If they seem to spend a lot of time doing that, or get "muddled" about where they should be, you might have to resite it so the crew have enough room to spread out to where the TacAI "wants" them.

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