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[Released] Trees & Bocage Mod


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I cannot put a lot of mods in my Z folder, just very few ones, because I should keep it as clean as possible in order to allow me to do textures that blend well with the rest of the stock art.

I think you mod is wonderful and blends very well with the stock textures, so I have it installed in my Z folder ;)

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Don't know how I missed this before, but you really killed it! I say this coming off two bocage-heavy scenarios: "Attack at Dawn" and "18 Platoon." What a difference your mod makes to immersion! You've evidently spent quite a bit of time in Normandy and/or looking carefully at photos and video. Shows.


John Kettler

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I use Flash ST and Rambler trees for a long time.New desaturated trees IMHO mix with Flash ST much better. Rambler thank you for this desaturated trees.

Flash/Rambler original


Flash/Rambler Desaturated


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Do you have d/l links for those two Flash/Rambler mods?

Huh my bad. It's Flesh.

Desaturated trees






....and some Aris modes ( I can put them on dropbox if you want / 34.4 MB )

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After a long break from the game I've come back and I've decided to mod back up from a fresh start. Your mod looks great, nice work, definitely part of my new setup!

One thing I did notice was the LOD switch goes back to the thicker trees so it can be a little odd. Is there a way to thin out the LOD tress as well so the transition is smoother?

Also interestingly enough after a long break I actually am liking the default color scheme much more than I did when I first got CMBN. For some reason, maybe because I used a desaturated scheme for so long in CM1x it doesn't seem so jarring like it did when I first saw it. I will be replacing some terrain features here and there for sure but I'm probably not going to use the full on much darker desaturated scheme I did the first time around. Interesting.

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JMO your mod meshes well with Flesh Subdued Terrain.


Sorry for the necrobump here, but I wanted to find out about the horizon image in this screenshot...I take it this is a modded graphic? If so, can someone please point me to the appropriate online location for download?

Many thanks!

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