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purchase of game-- question

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i am considering buying this game. i have sc2, waw, pde. i was wondering about the campaigns. what exactly is the difference between a campaign and mini campaign?

the web page said there was i think 3 main campaigns and 7 minis in the mail game and 8 main campaigns and 12 minis in the add-on

are the mini where you do NO research?

i saw mentioned the new ww2 campaign is that with the game or is that downloaded after purchase.

thanks in advance

the stu

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The differences between a Main and Mini-Campaign are first and foremost the size and scale, as the Main campaigns tend to last longer, be more likely to involve diplomacy and research, and are generally what we would think of as the package's flagships.

The Mini-Campaigns are therefore less likely to take as long to play, often use much smaller maps, and will tend to focus more on just one battle rather than the whole war.

The bonus WWII campaign, 1939 Storm over Europe, runs on the base game engine, but comes with a patch. It will be best after purchase to ensure that the base game is patched up to v1.06 as then you'll get all the improvements relating to the base game and 1939 Storm over Europe.

That said, I am hoping to update 1939 Storm over Europe for the Breakthrough engine, as the new supply rules and other improvements will make it a lot better. Hopefully later this month!


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