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New file at the Repository: 1914 Siege of Tsingtao (2012-11-07)

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1914 - The Siege of Tsingtao v 1.1This scenario features the assault on german tsingtao by japanese and british forces. The terrain has been build after old maps, so it should be half way accurate. The Units involved are correct, the deployment is fictional. The size of the japanese forces has been decreased for balancing reasons as well as to represent the "cautious" approach of their forces. The british appear more numberous through this change. I have yet to add AI scripting... Since I'm still learning, it may take a while for this feature to see the light of day. If you have any comments or tipps for improvements feel free to post. Initially I didn't intend to release this project but if I get positive resonance I might keep working on it (to get atleast the balacing right) or continue the work on some older projects of mine (Revolutionary War of Baden, etc).I hope you enjoy this scenario despite all its flaws! Changelog:- Removed the icons of the other majors- Weakend Naval Guns- Increased Range of ships- added supply port for entente a first serious scenario building attemptby Xenos 141


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