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Editor - disable flags of majors

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first of all: I love the strategic command series, thanks to everyone involved for these great games!

Recently I started to play around with the editor of "SC: WW1" again and I don't seem to be able to locate a function to disable the flags of the majors not used in my scenario. So my question is: Is it possible to disable these flags?

I hope I didn't overlook any similar topics but I just didn't find a solution to this problem...

A screenshot of the scenario in question: "The Siege of Tsingtao"

I have uploaded a first version to the repository.... if you are interested in checking a newbies work out. ;)


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Hi Xenon!

This looks interesting, and you can make the flags disappear by setting to Neutral those Majors you don't want to appear in the scenario.

I must admit that making a Tsingtao scenario is something I've toyed with, but as I haven't, it's good to see that one has been made! :)


PS Will you be updating this to the Breakthrough engine?

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Hi Bill!

Thanks for the quick reply! I had no idea the solution would be that simple, thanks again! :D

The scenario itself still needs a lot of work including AI scripting, but it is a first step (as long as you are not looking for a 1:1 recreation of the battle... it's not accurate enough for that). Once I get accustomed with scripting more than popups or victory conditions and I'm happy with the balancing (especially of the navy) I will start working on updating this "old semester holiday project" to the new engine.


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