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Just wanted to say I'm loving FI. Like the 120 mortars and wish they were in Normandy. It was a very important weapon for the Wehrmacht (and copied from the Soviets).

Also like the radio being carried. Shouldn't there be a battery carried by a team member. Or maybe we need a guy with a hand crank generator !

Perhaps the PzIII N is much overused (Conrath's Counteratk) as Jentz's Vol 2 shows the HG had only 3 such 75L24 models. Also it may be too accurate and effective as the German field reports quoted in Jentz indicate the crews disliked that HEAT rd and said repeated hits (5 or 6) were necessary and the range was only good out to 5 or 600 meters. These reports were all from Russia so its possible the rd was better against the US vehicles.

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