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H2HH 2.2.0 (Beta) Available in the Dropbox

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Can you help a brother out here? I have recently hooked up with a fellow player and accepted his dropbox invite, dl the first file, played it and tried to send back with H2HH. I get the attached error when hitting refresh. Apparently something with gmail? Not too familiar with this. What do I need to do?

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Yeah, 2.3.1 is supposed to fix this, at least in the sense that it makes sure it doesn't happen again.

If you are on 2.3.1 and still have this problem (the fuzzy text in the picture almost looks that way) then here's the arcane recipe to fix it:

- Turn ON Gmail Support under Options

- Do Install->Edit and make sure that it says (none) in the Gmail Address

- Do Game->Edit for each game that has a gmail icon and make sure there

is no email in the Opponents Email field

(its OK if it says "you need to set your email first")

- Turn OFF Gmail Support in Options

Fingers crossed, sorry about that.

Another quicker, though more dramatic way to fix it may be to delete the H2HH AppState.txt file, which is in the same folder as the log file: the log window has this path, it's the first thing it tells you.

Fingers crossed. Happy to help with more detail if it doesn't make sense or doesn't work.


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