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need quick Italian translation assist

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I tried babelfish but wanted to check with a native speaker.

I am writing a scenario where a very small unit of guastatori defend their CO from being arrested by Germans. Axis versus Axis. The briefing has some fictional backstory from my imagination on why he is being arrested to set the mood.

Like "saving Private Ryan" but I want the Italian for "Saving Major Rinetti".

Babelfish gave me "Salvare Maggiore Rinetti".

That is the infinitive form but I wanted the -ing type ending form. Salvarendo?

Thanks for any help on the translation.

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I don't know Italian, but I did have four years of Latin, in which the "te" formation on a verb is the imperative. See, for example venite, as in the Latin version of the Christmas carol, Venite Adoremus (Come, let us adore (Him)). Therefore, I suspect the Italians have gone with the stronger "(You) Save Private Ryan!," as opposed to "The Saving of Private Ryan."


John Kettler

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Stikkypixie is right.

If you want to quote Saving Private Ryan, you have to write "Salvate il Maggiore Rinetti".

Althought Saving is "Salvando" in italian, the movie was not titled "Salvando il Soldato Ryan", but "Salvate il Soldato Ryan".

"Salvate" is the imperative form.

PS: i'm italian.

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Well, as my Latin teacher at junior high said once, anybody speaking italian is a latinist to some degree. Only, usually he doesn't know.

Obviously, it works the other way round too.

This apart, the scenario sound interesting. Just as a suggestion, what about setting the action the 8 Sept. '43 or little later? Quite a lot of firefight between former allies in that period.

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Well, based on the consensus I will go with:

"Salvate il Maggiore Rinetti"

Map is in progress, units picked, working on axis AI plan. 30 minutes.

It will at first only be playable as human player Major Rinetti against the axis AI.

Thinking about the briefing. The briefing is always my hardest part to get done.

Like some school kid's term paper due next week just hanging over my head.

Do I have any volunteers for playtesting?

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