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Several questions

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I don't see any drawback for the allied player doing the bases for destroyers swap, am I missing something here?

Since there seems to be only one or two units in the British Sudan. Why should I spend the MPP's to max out the HQ's unit there? Can this HQ be used to command other British or commonwealth units, this doesn't seem to be the case?

It would seem to me that doing at least one research level for industrial output would make sense for Japan or Britain. Even though there are a limited amount of factories within each of these countries. The extra output over most of the game would out weigh the cost. Am I right on this?

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Hello :) ,


- Not an actual drawback, it's more about MPPs allocation.

By accepting the event, you get "free" DDs to hunt u-boats, at 200 MPPs/unit that's a good deal but:

- you lose Trinidad and its oil well (15 MPPs/turn)

(true USA gets it so it isn't all lost but it digs a hole in UK MPPs)

- you lose ports where your units can shelter/reinforce themselves

(at least until USA war entry)

- and more importantly, you'll have to replensih/equip all those free units with LESS MPPs meaning you'll probably have trouble repairing/upgrading other ships (especially carriers and BBs) if you keep spending on tech or air/land units at the same time.


- that event is also part of a string of decisions that can kill UK MPPs if you say yes to everything (Singapore and such). Same for the aerial production event when USA can give free air units (supposed to be delivered to France) to UK: what's the point of having free air units if you have barely enough MPPs to max them out and then move/repair them on the frontline (think about how much it costs to operate/replenish bombers) ?



- In my opinion it mostly depends on what the axis player do as Italy, if he says yes to the italian HQ event, you'll be happy to have even the understrength Sudan HQ around to give some supply.

- Also remember that if Axis decides to make a stand in Ethiopia, your Sudan forces can be wiped out quickly by tac bombers if they arn't reinforced at least a bit (think about what german elite stukas can do to a 3 strength HQ on a desert tile without entrenchment: it's ugly).

- UK has a lot of "useless" ally/commonwealth HQs (not beng able to command other UK units is a pain) but you can always use them as supply sources/part of supply chain in remote areas.



- You're rigth, industry is one of the better tech investment available (with intelligence not far away), however it's usually 125 MPPs so you have to think about your max research capacity. For Japan and UK it's 650 so you'll have to put another chit in a 125 MPPs area to max out research (not mandatory of course) and with only 1 chit on it can takes quite some time.

- Usually that means 4 100 MPPs chits and 2 125 MPPs chits. You can put your 2 125 MPPs chits in industry but it'll delay other "critical" 125 MPPs areas like naval or long range tech.

- It's also possible to invest 3 125 MPPs chits early in industry and bet you'll get 1 chit back quickly when reaching lvl 1. However, it'll deny you the use of 2 100 MPPs chits as you'll go above your max research capacity (3x125=375, means you have only 2 chits left to reach 650 = 2 100 MPPs chits or 1 of 100 + 1 of 125 instead of 4 of 100).

- Remember you can get back your already invested starting tech chits for half of their value and it's usually a good thing to reorganize your research to suit your strategic goals.

Hope it was clear enough ;) .

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