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Warm In The Shadows, a new small vs. AI & H2H scenario


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Danger! Excitement! Loud noises! The cruel whims of fate touch your pixeltruppen and highlight the horror and chaos that is war!

The tentacle monster from deep space has concocted a small scale scenario, a 700m x 500m hillside map where the attacking force is a bit less than a full company. Available are two versions, one for play Vs. the AI and another for H2H play.

A company of US infantry is tasked with taking important high ground from the Germans under the cover of darkness in preparation for the morning attack. The Germans are enjoying artillery superiority in the sector, assault the hilltops and take out forward observers, command structure and field guns before the sun rises and exposes your men climbing up the hillside.

The player is provided with plentiful time to plan and accomplish his objectives, the scenario clock is rather merciful. You may take your time but there will be tradeoffs.

Last minute tweaking, testing and bugfixing is taking place, expect this to be available at the nearest Repository in a few days. Here's a few screenshots, they show up fine on my machine but may be too dark for some. It is not as dark in-game, but you can use Alt+B (don't know what it is on the Mac) to toggle the artificially bright night mode.





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