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Soviet Surrender

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I am interested to understand how the surrender of the USSR is handled when it is caused by morale loss. I had a 1942 start game against the AI with a titanic struggle between the USSR and Germany (I set myself up as the Axis with various disadvantages and let the AI play both sides until the Axis was in real trouble before resuming command) . Germany had fought back, driving the Allied invaders out of France, taken Moscow and Sverdlovsk and was battling towards the final Soviet capital. Japan had conquered India and China, from which some US air units and an HQ had fled into the USSR and suddenly the USSR was also at war with Japan. Some fighting occurred between Japanese and Soviet units near Vladivostok and some Japanese forces chased after the US air units which were flying from Soviet territory but still attacking Japanese units located in China. During the Japanese pursuit of the US units a couple of Soviet corps got in the way and were destroyed whereupon the USSR surrendered to Japan who took over 3,000 MPP's in booty.

The Soviet morale was virtually zero before this happened so it is possible that the two units destroyed by Japan were the ones that took Soviet morale below zero. However, even if this was the case, it seems eccentric for the Soviets to surrender to the Japanese who had never taken a single Soviet city. The last Soviet capital was still standing and I had a German PZ unit poised to capture it when the surrender came.

Am I right in thinking that the surrender went to Japan because they killed the last unit or did Uncle Joe come to some secret deal with Hirohito to have the last laugh on Hitler and thwart him from getting the booty?



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